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Elena takes issue with Damon and Stefan's plan this week: they tell her how Bonnie will help them immobilize Katherine so they can get inside the tomb, grab the moonstone and get out.

But Elena objects. Why? We'll find out later.

She actually seeks help from Rose, convincing her to take her to Slater's in order to learn more about Klaus. But once Elena and Rose arrive at his place, they see he's been killed. Using his ex-girlfriend to help, the ladies hack into Slater's computer and see he's been emailing someone named Cody often. Elena sends a message to Cody, pretending to be Slater and it says that the Doppleganger wants to turn herself in to Klaus.

That's her plan. Elena wants to sacrifice herself in order to save those she loves.

Of course, once Rose learns this, she calls Damon and says he needs to get to Richmond. He flees the scene of the tomb and heads over there. He's NOT happy about Elena's plan and becomes even less happy when Elijah shows up. He discovered Elena's locale through the help of Jonas, who used a special spell to track her down.

But Elijah spares Damon's life because he realizes Elena is safe when around the Salvatores.

Back in the tomb, Stefan and Bonnie run into a problem: Jeremy is being used as a snack by Katherine. He had tried to be a hero and get the moonstone himself, succeeding in tossing it outside the tomb, but being caught in the process. Bonnie tries to lift the trapping spell, but passes out from the attempt.

Still, Stefan rushes in there because Jeremy's life is in danger, saves him but cannot escape due to the spell. The episode ends with him trapped in the tomb, Damon not letting Elena in to help him and Stefan asking Damon to promise to protect Elena.


- Tyler and Caroline bond. They watch a video of Mason's first transformation and Tyler sees all the pain he'll soon experience. Caroline says she doesn't want him to be alone as he does.

- Matt comes over to tell Caroline he misses her and sees that Tyler is there.

- Luka teaches Bonnie how to do powerful spells with working alongside another special. We learn his father asked him to get close to Bonnie.

- Jeremy gets shot down in his attempt to kiss Bonnie.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Well, I'm naked. So... I'm gonna go.


Elena: Sound like you guys already have it all planned out.
Damon: Yup, we're awesome!