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Bonnie is shown in flashbacks packing up her dorm room, but she gets a shock when the people from the armory show up and try to take her. 

Enzo appears and saves her by sedating her and taking her to a cabin. When she wakes up, she tries to flee, but Enzo assures her that he did it for her safety. 

We got to see several different periods of their blossoming romance. Enzo made her a surprise New Year's Eve dinner, before running off when things got serious. 

Rayna sent the group on missions to take down the vampires that are still on her list. Bonnie teamed up with Damon and Enzo, but Bonnie made it clear to Damon that she doesn't forgive him for what he did three years ago.

Stefan went to see Alaric in Dallas to try and put the past behind them, but tensions flared when Stefan pointed out that he knew Caroline was sleeping in the spare room. 

This led to Matt punching him. At the conclusion, Stefan went and apologized to him, but Caroline was back and she did not want to see Stefan. 

Enzo bumped into Alex who confirmed that her sister is the one in the vault and that she only needs Bonnie to remove the seal on the tomb because Lucy Bennett is nowhere to be found. 


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