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Enzo and Gwendolina make opposing spaghetti dishes for Gabe's big day in court and have him judge which one is better. 

The day before Liam is set to leave for Berlin, he and Katie go to a childbirth class. 

While there, Sarah decides to send a message to Katie by spray painting on Liam's building. She is caught by the building's owner who helps her and asks for her number. 

Gabe and Ava prep for her case. She tells Ben that Hamid will be accompanying her to the hearing, but she does not show up. 

Nick asks Sarah to join him when he meets Rashad's daughter. She tells him that he pulled Rashad from the rubble on 9/11 and drug him into the basement of a little souvenir shop where they were covered in dust. 

Nick and Sarah then go to the souvenir shop where Nick remembers that water was dripping on them. 

While at the 9/11 memorial, Nick tells Sarah that he has accepted a job in South Carolina. 

Claire tells Katie that she would like a closed adoption. Katie gets upset, and when Liam tries to talk to her, she flees the apartment and collides with a bicyclist. 

Ava calls Ben and tells him that she, Hamid, and Sami are going to stay with Hamid's family near Canada. 

Ron and Patricia prepare for Patricia's surgery. 

Sarah goes on a date with Ethan. 

Katie and Liam declare that they love one another before Katie realizes something is wrong with the baby. 


The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Gabe: You don't want to be defiant.
Ava: I am defiant.
Gabe: Let us be defiant for you.

Patricia: I don't know why we're packing. You're coming right back here.
Ava: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.