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On the second episode of The Walking Dead...

- Lori and Shane get it on in the woods.

- Rick learns that the voice on the radio is Glenn. He helps Rick find safety.

- The zombies discover the hideout of the survivors.

- Merle Dixon gets into a fight and tries to become leader. Rick handcuffs him to the roof and ultimately takes the place of leader.

- The group of survivors attempts to locate the sewers as a way out. Unfortunately, there are zombies down there.

- Rick comes up with the idea of covering up himself and Glenn up with dead body parts and blood to mask the smell of human from the zombies.

- Glenn and Rick pretend to be zombies and reach the truck.

- Glenn drives around the city with the car alarm going off to distract the zombies while Rick picks the others up in the truck.

- T-Dog leaves Merle on the roof after he drops the key down a hole. He locks the door to the roof.

- The survivors escape and head towards the camp outside the city.

- Glenn drives the car out of the city in excitement.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Glenn: You're surrounded by "Walkers." That's the bad news.
Rick: There's good news?
Glenn: No.

Dale: If you see anything, holler. I'll come running.
Lori: Yes, mom.