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On the third episode of The Walking Dead...

- Merle is stranded on the roof and has become slightly delirious. The “Walkers” are attempting to break through the door.

- The group of survivors returns to camp and reunite with the others.

- Rick is surprised but happy to see that his wife and son are alive. Lori is shocked and Shane is surprised.

- Rick and Lori have sex. Shane continues to play the leader role.

- The group finds a zombie close to the camp, which is unusual, feeding on a deer.

- Merle’s brother, Daryl, returns and learns that they left Merle on the roof of the building.

- Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-Dog decide to go back to the city to get Merle, the bag of guns, and a radiator hose for Dale’s RV.

- Shane tries to teach Carl to catch frogs. Lori gets into an argument with him and tells Shane that their relationship is over. Shane was the one that told Lori that Rick was dead.

- The women are washing clothes and talking about things they miss. One husband comes over and hits his wife. Shane steps in and takes his anger out on the husband by beating on him.

- Rick and company arrives on the roof and discovers that Merle is gone. Only bloody handcuffs and a hand remain.

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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Maybe we got a second chance. Not many people get that.


Words can be meager things. Sometimes they fall short.