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Maggie's return shocked everyone, but no one was shocked more than her when she realized Negan was a free man.

Carol quickly tried to diffuse the situation by revealing she set Negan free to kill Alpha, but she knew it came with a risk.

Maggie's people were being picked off by a mysterious new group known as the Reapers and she set out to save them.

Unfortunately, most of them were picked off by the end of the episode, but Kelly connected with the man behind the mask because his sister was also missing.

Hershel disappeared and Maggie and Daryl joined forces to save his life, and they quickly realized there was more to the tale than they could have ever anticipated.

In the end, Maggie returned to a very different Alexandria and realized that she was going to have to see Negan every single day.

Negan looked sad about his actions, but there was a part of him that wanted to cause problems.

The Walking Dead
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