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A tree comes through the wall at the Hilltop. Everyone questions whether the Whisperers are to blame. 

Magna and Yumiko take a team out to fight the walkers, but Magna tries to stay out to fight all of them because she thinks that defending the wall is the best course of action. 

This does not sit well with Yumiko. 

Ultimately, the wall collapses and everyone is at the mercy of the walkers ... until Michonne and Judith arrive to fight with them. 

But Michonne feels conflicted because she found Ezekiel trying to kill himself earlier. He mistook her friendship for something more after she saved him and kissed her. 

Things got awkward real quick. 

At Alexandria, Lydia was being bullied by Margo and two other men. She taunted them back until the trio tried to murder her. 

Negan tried to save her and accidentally killed Margo. The council convened and were split down the middle. Gabriel was the swing vote, but said that everyone should sleep on the decision to make the right one. 

The next morning, Negan was gone, and Lydia was in the cell, claiming that she let him go. Daryl knew that it was not her because he was in the house watching her. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Yumiko: We've got to get out of here. Magna, let's go! Come on.
Magna: We have to protect the wall.

Michonne: Alpha said she would release the horde if we ever crossed her border. Carol took a shot at her and she only took land.
Judith: Maybe the rules are changing.
Michonne: Maybe. But, when you start negotiating with a bully, there may be no end to how much they try to take. Some bullies, you can live with. Others, you gotta fight.
Judith: Can we live with the skins?
Michonne: Well, they said we could But, never take your enemy at their word. You measure them by their actions. So, when their actions are unexpected.
Judith: You know how when we want RJ to go to sleep, the fastest way is to let him run around?
Michonne: Right.
Judith: Because then he'll be so tired that RJ will put himself to sleep. Maybe the Whisperers want to keep us fighting back until we get so tired that they have the advantage.