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On this week's The Walking Dead…

Rick and Shane take Randall 18 miles out to let him go and not be able to return to the farm.

Randall admits that he knows Maggie and therefore knows the location of the farm.

Rick and Shane get into an argument about killing him, protecting the group, and doing the right thing. They end up fist fighting.

Shane throws a wrench at Rick and it shatters the building's glass awaking a horde of walkers.

Shane gets holed up in a bus, but Rick manages to save him with the help of Randall.

Rick tells Shane that he needs to follow his lead, not be so crazy, and come back to working with him.

Meanwhile, Lori and Andrea get into an argument about their actions and what they should be doing.

Andrea lets Beth attempt suicide and it causes Maggie to tell her not to come back into the house.

The Walking Dead
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