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On the season finale of The Walking Dead…

A herd of walkers in the city hear the sound of a helicopter high above and attempt to follow it. On their forward mission, they are re-routed by the sound of Carl's gun shot and instead head towards the farm.

Rick and Carl scramble inside the barn before lighting it on fire.

In all the confusion, Jimmy and Patricia are attacked and killed by the herd of walkers. The group is split up: Hershel, Rick, and Carl; Lori, Beth, and T-Dog; Daryl and Carol; Glenn and Maggie; Andrea is by herself.

Everyone except for Andrea regroups back on the highway where they first lost Sophia. They decide to head onwards without Andrea.

After slowly running out of fuel, the group stops to set up camp.

Rick reveals that Dr. Jenner of the CDC told him that everyone is infected and therefore don't have to be bitten to turn into a walker. He also reveals that he killed Shane, but was forced to do so.

The group doesn't approve, but Rick declares his leadership over the group in the hopes that his decisions alone will help keep everyone alive.

It is shown that the group is near a very large prison.

Meanwhile, Andrea continues to run away from walkers. Before one is about to bite her, a hooded figure appears killing the walker. This cloaked woman carries two chained walkers with her.

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