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On the season premiere of The Walking Dead…

Rick has put away his gun and tried to live a life on farming and peace on the prison.

A new community has grown since the months after the Governor's defeat at Woodbury.

Beth has a new boyfriend named Zack. Tyreese has a new girlfriend named Karen.

Carol has story time with the children that includes teaching them about weapons. Carl spies on them.

Michonne returns from her hunt for the Governor.

She joins Daryl, Glenn, Zack, Tyreese, Sasha, Zack, and army medic, Bob, on a run for supplies. They are swarmed by walkers that fall inside from the weak roof. Zack is killed.

Maggie reveals she isn't pregnant.

Rick goes out to check the traps. He discovers an Irish woman who convinces him to return to her husband so they can maybe go back to the prison with them. She tries to kill him then stabs herself saying you can't come back from bad things you've done.

Patrick, a new boy at the prison, gets sick. He runs into the shower late at night, dies and comes back as a walker.

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