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On the season premiere of The Walking Dead…

Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are about to killed and served on the Terminus lunch menu when Carol messes everything up by creating an explosion and sending a herd of walkers into the compound.

Tyreese’s actions are called into question by a captured Terminus member, who threatens to kill Judith. Tyreese, who doesn’t want to kill, ends up killing the guy in order to save the baby.

As Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob make their escape and to rescue the rest of their group, Eugene continues to explain that he knows the cure to the zombie apocalypse.

Gareth, who was ready to kill Rick, is shot by Rick during all the chaos.

Carol learns from a woman (and through flashbacks) that the people of Terminus used to be good guys before other people raped and hurt them. After taking it back they adapted and killed others in order to stay alive.

Terminus is destroyed, and Rick and the group all escape. They reunite with Carol, Tyreese and Judith.

The group moves on from Terminus and Rick leaves behind a message for people headed to it: “No Sanctuary.”

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