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On the season premiere of The Walking Dead…

While burying Pete, Morgan and Rick discover a quarry filled with walkers.

Rick and company, including members of Alexandria, hatch a plan to lead a massive amount of walkers trapped in a quarry out and away from Alexandria.

Rick is met with resistance from Carter, who is concerned that the plan could go wrong. However, he agrees to help in the project that requires setting up a maze for the walkers to travel through.

Carter is almost killed when someone walkers arrive during the construction, and Rick tries to have him take on the walker alone. Morgan saves them.

Carter suggests to other Alexandrians to kill Rick before he kills them, but Eugene hears. Rick arrives and subdues Carter, telling them they need to work together.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham lead the walker parade, while Rick, Michonne and Morgan send off flares to get the walkers to keep following.

Glenn, Nicholas, and newcomer Heath are forced to take out a group of walkers trapped in a building, trying to keep them from making noise to distract the walkers on the road.

Carter acknowledges Rick’s plan works, but as he is moving along to complete the plan, a walker bites him. Rick kills Carter to keep him quiet.

Suddenly, a blaring horn sounds, presumably from Alexandria, causing the walkers to turn and head towards it.

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