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On the season finale of The Walking Dead…

Rick and some of the other survivors grab a sick Maggie and try to rush her to the doctor at the Hilltop.

Along the way, they run into roadblocks of Negan’s crew.

They are eventually led on a particular path.

Eugene agrees to take the RV as a decoy, while Rick and the others head off on foot.

They are all captured and lined up as Negan appears.

Negan taunts them and lets them know they work for him now. He chooses one person to beat with his bat, Lucille.

That person is not revealed.

Morgan finds Carol who is adamant about not going back to Alexandria.

The injured Savior finds Carol and plans to kill her, shooting her a few times.

Morgan arrives and tries to convince him to drop his gun. Morgan is forced to kill the Savior to save Carol.

Morgan and Carol meet a mysterious person.

The Walking Dead
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