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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Morgan goes on a supply drop with Ezekiel and a few others.

The group is held up after a barricade is put up in the road.

After they arrive, the Saviors discover the Kingdom is short one cantaloupe.

To deal with the mistake, the Savior in charge plans to kill Richard.

Instead, another Savior shoots Benjamin.

They rush Benjamin to Carol’s place, but they are unable to save him.

Morgan is upset and comes across the missing cantaloupe.

He realizes it was Richard who set the whole thing up.

Richard wanted to die to get the cause started, and he tells Morgan he will tell Ezekiel. He wants to prove to the Saviors they are on board so that then they can crush them when they least expect it.

At another drop to bring the missing cantaloupe, Morgan attacks and kills Richard. He reveals what Richard had done and tells the Saviors they are on board.

Morgan tells Carol the truth about the Saviors and that Glenn and Abraham were killed.

She tells Morgan to wait to fight the Saviors.

Carol seeks Ezekiel telling him they need to fight. He agrees but says not today.

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