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It's been a few months since the communities devastating loss which has put significant stress on Carl and Ezekial's relationship. The Kingdom has become unsustainable due to its pipes falling apart beyond repair and the inhabitants of the Kingdom are forced to leave.

They head to Hilltop for shelter as a huge snowstorm approaches. They find that they need to seek shelter as the storm intensifies and Michonne leads them to the Sanctuary. While it shelters them temporarily, Ezekial says they will not survive there and must get to the Hilltop, however, in order to do so quickly they must travel past the border in through Whisperer territory.

Walkers begin to emerge from the snow during their trek but are dealt with and the group manages to make it across the frozen lake.

Lydia, feeling severe guilt for Henry' death, almost lets herself get bitten by a trapped walker, however when she realizes that Carol is watching she decides against it. Later on, Lydia runs off again but Carol pursues her. Lydia tells Carol that she is weak and will only bring more danger to her friends and Carol needs to kill her.

Carol tells Lydia she is not weak and comforts her as they return to the group.

At Alexandria, the community finds that they must stay together to keep warm and decide that Negan must be released and join them or he will freeze to death. They gather in a cabin but find that the chimney is clogged and is too dangerous to light a fire.

The group decides to trek out into the raging blizzard to Aaron's house using a rope to keep everyone together. However, Judith runs off after Dog when she hears him barking in the distance. Negan runs after her and eventually finds them both and brings them back to safety but injuring his leg in the process.

The storm eventually passes and the Kingdomers led by Daryl and Michonne eventually make it to Hilltop and adjust to their new home. However, Carol and Ezekial separate as she plans to go after Alpha against Ezekial's wishes and she gives him back her ring.

Later that night, Ezekial speaks to Judith on the radio that Eugene and Gabriel had fixed. But when Ezekial leaves the room, there is an incoming transmission from a woman asking if there is "anyone is out there."

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Ezekial: The Kingdom fell. I should have seen it coming... gotten us out sooner. My people wouldn't be like this if it weren't for me.
Michonne: No they wouldn't be, because they wouldn't be here at all.

Ezekial: I know you have to do this, but I will never stop loving you.
Carol: And I'll never regret the fairy tale.