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Six years after Rick's supposed death, Michonne mourns at the destroyed bridge and tells Rick that she will never give up Rick's fight for the future.

Aaron, Rosita, and Eugene bring the group of people that Judith found back to Alexandria. Gabriel greets them as they are welcomed into Alexandria, however, Michonne arrives at the same time tries to turn them away. Gabriel insists that newcomers, Magna, Connie, Kelly, and Luke, meet with the council to decide their fate, to which Michonne reluctantly agrees.

At the council meeting, however, Michonne reveals that Magna did hard time in prison due to a tattoo on her hand, and proving her point that they can't be trusted.

Through his prison window, Negan helps Judith with her homework. Judith later questions Michonne's decision to send away the new group and is able to convince her that Rick would have wanted them to help people. Michonne has a change of heart and decides to take the new group to the Hilltop.

Carol goes on a delivery with Henry to bring some goods to the other communities but is ambushed by Jed and the remaining Saviors. Jed takes their supplies and Carol's wedding ring.

Henry confronts his mother on why she didn't fight back, to which she replies that he will understand one day. Later that night, Carol finds the Saviors and Jed while they're sleeping and sets them on fire, killing them. The next morning on the drive back, Carol and Henry run into Daryl, and Carol offers him a ride.

Gabriel and Rosita are revealed to be romantically involved, and Gabriel tinkers with an old radio, hoping to reach others in need of help. Rosita decides to go on a run with Eugene to attempt to boost their radio signal, but they encounter a huge herd of walkers and Eugene injures his knee after falling off a water tower.

The two hide in a nearby ditch. As the herd walks past Eugene and Rosita hear the walkers are talking to each other.

The Walking Dead
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