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  • John and Mary investigate an abandoned building, trying to look for the Akrida, but the place is empty. Mary finds a bloody bag belonging to her dad.
  • Carlos and Lata try to open the Akrida box with no luck, and Ada brings over a box filled with information.
  • Mary thinks that it's her fault for whatever happened to her dad, and she and John find a guy in the trunk of a car possessed by the Akrida, but they aren't too willing to give out much information, no matter how many punches Mary throws.
  • Roxy shows up at a lab, but the scientist hasn't been successful in figuring out the complex magic. She threatens him to move faster, and he promises it'll be ready. A monster comes in and Roxy figures that Mary and John found Hector, the guy the Akrida was possessing. She says it's time to make a trade.
  • Mary tells the others about finding Samuel's bag, and she is still as worried as ever.
  • Lata discovers the name of the box, Ostium, which eats monsters, more or less. John finds a piece of paper with his dad's handwriting.
  • Mary and Carlos check out a motel that Samuel is staying at nearby while the others decipher the note. The two have a heart-to-heart, so Carlos can tell Mary that it's not her fault, and he tells her a story of his parents getting killed by ghouls. He admits he still carries the guilt and tracked down the monsters that killed his parents, all but two of them.
  • John enlists Millie to help with the notes, and he tells her that it's the key to saving all mankind.
  • Mary and Carlos are pulled over, but it's courtesy of Roxy. The officer takes Carlos away while Roxy talks with Mary. Roxy says she wants the Ostium, not giving a reason why. She tells Mary that if she hands over the box, she'll hand over Samuel.
  • Carlos puts a hex bag on the police car so they can track wherever they're going.
  • Carlos tells the others their plan to track Roxy, and Ada gets to work on the spell.
  • Millie and Ada talk about Henry and his work with the Men of Letters and how stubborn he was. Millie's worried that history will repeat itself with John, but Ada tells her that the two are different.  Ada gets the locator spell to work.
  • Lata tells the gang that from the notes deciphered, the Ostium transports monsters, and the Akrida share a connection to their queen. Using the box on the queen will cut the connection.
  • While it is good news, Carlos can't help but be disappointed, knowing that after they get rid of the Akrida, Mary's done hunting, and the band is broken up.
  • The location spell pops a plant up where they were before, where Mary got stung. Meanwhile, the Akrida has people digging in that place who are under the Akrida's spell.
  • Millie discovers something in a journal, and it's notes on a spirit session, a seance. Ada and Lata think it could work, and they might be able to contact Henry to get some answers. Needing a strong connection and with Millie not having a wedding ring, John reluctantly leaves to get an object he has strong, bad feelings with.
  • Several of the controlled people walk through a tunnel and find a door, saying she'll get word to Roxy.
  • John finds an object in his closet and tells everyone about the music box and how he would play the song, hoping it would bring his dad back. Millie didn't even know he still had it.
  • The spirit session begins, but the candles burn out, and Ada and Lata don't know why it worked, even though he thought about his dad.
  • Mary talks to John, and John opens up about the music box. He'd crank the box so he could drown out the noise of his parents fighting.
  • Henry's spirit shows up to tell John it wasn't his fault. Mary figures that John was finally honest about his feelings.
  • Mary leaves to get Millie and John tells his dad they need his help with the Akrida. Henry says the Ostium needs to be recharged so the Akrida can be sent back to their worlds. He hid it back home in the garage.
  • John tells Henry how Millie is doing, and Henry tells him how proud he is of him. Just before Henry fades away, Millie sees him. Henry tells them both he loves them, and his spirit is soon gone.
  • The gang gets to where the Akrida are, and John and Mary start fighting Roxy's accomplices.
  • Carlos and Lata, meanwhile, sneak into the lab and find the essence, but it's locked in a case. They hear someone coming and hide. They see someone take the essence and lock it in a box before leaving with it.
  • Ada and Millie stake out the outside, and an officer comes up to them, needing them to get out of the van. Millie takes a bat and hits him right in the mouth.
  • Mary and John confront Roxy and use the Ostium on her, but the Akrida are still alive and kicking and angrier than ever. They lock themselves in a room with no other way out. The two kiss before being interrupted by the Akrida. However, they are pulled into the Ostium at the hands of Samuel Campbell.
  • The woman takes the case to the tunnels, where everyone is waiting, and the door is opened. She opens the case and tells the mysterious person they are going to make her strong again. The Queen. But who?


The Winchesters
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