Jaskier the Bard - The Witcher Season 2 Episode 4
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Ciri and Geralt find Triss as they train on The Path.

The Brotherhood and the Northern kingdoms are rounding up the elves. Yennefer and Cahir are wanted fugitives.

Dijkstra foils an attempt on the Redanian king's life.

The Witcher emblem of the hood and dagger.

Geralt and Triss discuss Ciri and the monsters.

Yennefer and Cahir attempt to get to Cintra and find some elves trying to escape Sodden as well. One is killed in the sewers. His friend, Ba'lian, runs off instead of helping. The creature nearly gets Yennefer too.

Yennefer and Cahir discover the Bard, Jaskier, using the pseudonym Sandpiper, is helping elves escape.

Dijkstra talks out a way to infiltrate Cintra with his owl. He recruits Dara.

Triss and Geralt discover the same black substance in the bug monster as in the leshy. It's material from monoliths.

Ciri starts to share her escape story and has a vision. When she awakens, she tells them about how her scream brought down the monolith in Cintra.

Yennefer approaches Jaskier for help.

Triss portals Geralt to Istredd for information on monoliths.

Jaskier gets into trouble trying to get his people onto a ship. Ba'lian sacrifices himself so the others can get on board.

Vesemir finds a plant growing where Ciri bled. Triss identifies it as Feainnewedd, a plant that only grows from the blood of Elders.

Vesemir believes Ciri's blood can make new witchers.

Jaskier welcomes Dara onto the ship.

Yennefer lets Jaskier know she's lost her magic. He leaves but she hears him cry out and when she goes out on deck, she realizes that he's been abducted.

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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jaskier: What happened to you?
Yennefer: Chaos appears to be done with me.
Jaskier: You've lost your magic? Is that even possible?
Yennefer: Go on. Get your gloating in. Time's limited.
Jaskier: Once upon a time, I would have used this opportunity to call you an empty, lonely, power hungry she-demon, but I'm an artist, Yennefer. It's my job to put myself in other people's shoes. Even if they are, in your case, large, clunky, and, I don't know, probably full of snakes or something.

Jaskier: I'm scared too. I'm scared that one day, the muses will stop speaking to me. Because who are we when we can no longer do the one thing we were put on this Continent to do?
Yennefer: We find a new purpose. A better one. Hopefully.
Jaskier: Chaos could never be done with the likes of you, Jennefer of Vengerberg. Of that much, I am certain. So, if it's all the same to you, goodbye, good luck, good riddance.
Yennefer: Same to you.