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Martians have invaded, but nobody seems to care. A poor bastard sits in a coffee shop talking to the deli owner. He's going nuts. It's the old thing...Hey mister, that ain't a window. That's a mirror!!

Mulder is probably watching one of his favorite old shows.

Mulder enters his house to answer the phone. He was out squatchin' to get away from the madness.

He's dressed in a grassy thing. Scully has him down, though. "I think you just like saying 'squatchin'.'

Mulder meets some dude (Brian Huskey) in a parking garage. Mulder has no idea who he is. He's the guy who worked with Mulder on the conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

The poor guy knows "they" got to Mulder to make him forget. The first Twilight Zone episode, The Lost Martian, doesn't exist, and it never did.

Dude has every tape in his house searching for The Lost Martian. It's nowhere.

The episode at the beginning was what he's searching for. We see baby Mulder with his big head. Hilarious.

Scully runs into the guy in the garage. She recognizes him by his forehead sweat. He calls her Sculls, and he wants her to help him find him.

He does it by giving her a box of Goop-O ABC. It was the same thing as that Jell-O mold that used to turn into three layers.

Scully thought she was nuts because everyone tried telling her there was only Jell-O and no Goop-O. Now she knows she was right. After Mulder explains the Mandela effect via Shazam and Kazam, they decide they'll go together to meet the guy.

Vintage Americana. Crazy straws, Jarts, Evil Knevil doll and he had a box of Goop-O ABC.

Reggie suggests it's government and corporate giants wanting to erase their mistakes through memory manipulation, but Mulder jumps in with memory mixup with an alternate universe.

Mulder wants to know who "they" are, and Reggie whips out a photo of Dr. They.

Reggie was in Grenada during whatever that event was, and he spotted Dr. They working on a living alien in a groovy 70s disco suit.

Reggie says he put up the poster "The Truth is Out There." His version of The X-Files theme featured his badge photo, which also was hidden in the X-Files Scully and Mulder found on Skinner's computer.

Reggie is then incorporated in horrific fashion into some of the biggest scenes from The X-Files history. It's beautifully funny.

A couple of FBI agents come up to Mulder and Scully wondering why they're still talking with Reggie when "legends" such as them should have already figured it out and stopped. Fox goes nuts.

Just as Mulder has decided all hope is lost and the absurdity of an evil doctor named They, Dr. They calls for a meeting.

Dr. They was pleased to finally meet with Mulder but ashamed someone who spends their life searching for the meaning behind conspiracies just find out about him.

Dr. They laughs at Mulder. His time has passed. It doesn't matter because nobody knows or cares about the truth anymore. You don't have to control people's minds, all you have to do is spread the seeds of doubt.

Scully knows Reggie's name is Reginald Mergatroid.

He never graduated, he got hit in the head with a shovel in Granada. He worked his way up through the government in various agents, even working in the CIA after 9/11 and later the Department of Defense and the NSA.

About a year ago, he had a nervous breakdown and was committed to a mental institution.

Reggie recalls their last mission together. They met Trump the Alien who said they're building an intergalactic wall to keep liars out but leaves them a book with All the Answers.

Mulder watches The Lost Martian, an episode, it turned out, of The Dusky Realm. Scully molded a big food of Goop-O but didn't eat it. She wants to remember how it was. The look of happiness on her face as she almost ate it was priceless.


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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Guy: Were you followed? Who is that?
Mulder: It would be a helluva twist if it was Rod Serling.

I think you just like saying 'Squatchin'.