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Some kid is at a concert drinking and he sees himself in the crowd.

He chases after himself, gets chased by the cops, sees himself in the passenger seat. His other pulls the steering wheel and sends him off the road.

His name was Arkie Seavers. He's 20 and now in jail. Mulder explains Arkie's story to Scully along with a bunch of other stories from a place in Virginia where suicides came with similar stories.

At the local nuthouse, Mulder wants to talk to an older woman so he can see her drawings. Hang man drawings. She's little Judy.

She plays with her brother telepathically. She happens to have Arkie on the wall. She says there is a woman sitting in the woman with her.

They don't know how to play hangman.

Arkie dies in his cell when appears again.

Scully and Mulder go to the local cheap motel where they need to share a suite. Scully no likey. She wakes up when Mulder is hovering over her.

The attorney is very angry. Scully and Mulder go to see Judy's brother.

He is the guy who discovered Arkie at the jail.

As usual, Scully wants to believe mental illness is on the prowl killing people while Mulder thinks it's ghosts.

Then she asks him if he thinks she's old. He laughs and says she's still got some scoot in her boot.

When the brother sees the lawyer in the newspaper, he starts a game of hangman with Dean to off the guy.

Both Judy and Chuck pretend they have no recollection of their conversations with Scully and Mulder from the previous day.

Judy gets some pills out of her bra. She says they protect her from the girl across the room.

Judy rolls bread pills and the nurses take them to protect themselves from her antics -- just in case.

Dean sees his doppelganger outside the cafe. Instead of staying put and calling Scully and Mulder, he runs out after himself.

He's been seeing him often, unfortunately. He does call Scully and Mulder. Their suggestion is to do nothing. Scully thinks he's having panic attacks.

Dean's doppelganger is a sword bearing ninja.

Mulder is hovering over Scully's bed again.

Scully decides she doesn't think it's beyond the realm of possibility to cut his own head off with a sword.

Then she sees herself staring herself down out in the crowd.

She's freaked out enough that she asks him to hold her that night.

She wonders what's going to happen if they get old. Someone younger who wants to have kids.

They have a talk about it. Mulder wonders why she doesn't just have another kid if she wants one. She says other than that she has no one to have one with even if she could? The whole conversation was stupid.

Especially since they then had sex.

Meanwhile Judy and Chuck are playing hangman and guessing similar letters, but U and L, but in the wrong order. They're trying to kill opposite agents.

Scully takes the bread pills while Mulder goes to Chuck's place

Mulder fights himself while Judith and Chucky send doubles after their brother and sister in a fit of anger.

And Scully and Mulder get ready for a few more hours of hay tossing before checkout time.

The X-Files
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The X-Files Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Scully: You're saying you believe him.
Mulder: No, I'm just saying I think the kid's too stupid to make it up.

Judy: I know what you want, bitch.
Scully: I want to talk about Arkie.
Judy: Came to the end of his rope!