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Jack gets a desk job when the babies are born so he can make more money.

Miguel gets promoted eight years later as a project manager and wants to bring Jack with him, but Jack says no. He wants to go out oon his own.

Rebecca is looking at the kids' report cards. She promised them ice cream even though they mostly got Bs and Cs.

Randall's teacher wants to see them.

When Randall gets home from work, William is playing the piano. So, he didn't die. I'm confused.

The girls have a career day coming up and they want to take anybody but Daddy.

They think maybe Randall isn't being challenged at school. Jack is worried about prejudice, and whether Randall would be alone at a prestigious school. 

Kevin isn't saying the words for his play, but he's not saying them with any emotion. The director doesn't understand. He asks if Kevin has ever lost anybody. The director doesn't believe him. Kevin says it's not my job to make you believe that. Yes, it is, he says. Quite literally.

Kate is trying to get a new job, which she does get. Because she was wanted from the moment Marin saw the toilet paper stuck to Kate's head. Her daughter Gemma greats her terribly, as the fat one. She's not a skinny stick.

Randall decides that he's not meant to be this guy, but maybe someone missed out on his true calling as an artist. 

Olivia takes Kevin to a memorial.

Rebecca and Jack are looking at the private school. Jack pictures a life inside a cubicle, and that's not what he wants for Randall.

Kevin can't handle Olivia's way of showing him how to do grief.

Kate takes the little nasty girl to her friends house, but they don't quite make it. The girl calls her the token fat girl who was only hired because she's supposed to get through to her and is rude as hell, so Kate stops the car and tells her to get out. From fat girl to fat girl, she can burn 417 calories an hour is she just keeps on walking.

Kevin starts talking to the dead guy's wife and talking about his own dad when she says her son doesn't any of his dad's things.. He used to make models so he could get as much time with Jack as he could, but when Jack died, he threw them all away. Now he has nothing left of him except a necklace he can never take off. They start to cry together and it's really sweet.

Kate looks at her mom and tells her how pretty she is, noticing how she's a size small, while Kate is an XL.

Jack asks Yvette about the special school. She tells him not to deny Randall any opportunities.

On Career Day, Randall writes a terrible song about his job. "Come on everybody" was hilarious, and then Beth said, "look away, just look away."

They lost Jack when he was young. He's not going to last much longer. 

Marin did hire Kate partly because she's the fat girl. When they get that out in the open, Kate makes some demands and decides to stay with a promotion. She also goes to check in on Gemma.

At the office, Jack sees just how gifted Randall is, but Randall starts to cry. He doesn't want to tell Jack how much wood he needs. Jack wonders why he won't give the right answer. Because Randall is afraid to be different.

William wants to show Randall a thing or two on the piano. Randall scoots over on the bench. Not tonight, but eventually.

Kate took her fat out on Rebecca and now they barely talk.

Kate was already rebelling at 8.

It's Randall's first day at school.

Randall is happy at work.

Olivia tells Kevin it's never happening between them again.

Jack accepts the promotion with Miguel, putting aside his plans for Big Three.

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Maybe I've had an artistic side in me all along, but nobody knew to empower it.


See, that's where you're wrong. All of our children are exceptional.