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It's Thanksgiving and the family is getting ready for the annual road trip to Rebecca's mom's house.

Rebecca is making cranberry sauce.

Randall doesn't like going because grandma and grandpa treat him differently. Kate hates her dumb sweater and Jack has to listen to his sister-in-law's husband brag about his expensive adult toys.

The cranberry sauce was broken.

Kate's at the Thanksgiving support group, where everyone is talking triggers. A nearby woman had gastric bypass surgery.

Later, at dinner, Toby is excited about Thanksgiving in New York until Kate tells him they should take a break.

Kevin invites Olivia to Thanksgiving, but she doesn't want to spend the holiday with whatever white bread family created him. He finally settles on calling his family ciabatta bread and explains a bit about them. She agrees to go.

Randall wakes up just brimming with excitement.

When Rebecca and Miguel arrive, Beth immediately pounces. Beth wants her to tell Randall the truth before she leaves the house.

Randall has the entire day planned from beginning to end, which seems filled with rituals, very much like his family's Thanksgiving from childhood.

Just after Kevin and Olivia arrive, it's time for a hike. Olivia, as expected, makes a negative impression. Kevin treats Miguel poorly.

Kate's flight was delayed, but she gets to be humiliated when she gets on the plane when the woman beside her stares as she gets her seat belt extender.

Kevin gives pie to Olivia so she can get to the pie.

When Miguel asks Kevin if he can wear the hat, just once, Kevin says no. His dad always wore the hat and he and Randall take turns, so no.

Witnessing that, Olivia hands back the pie, tells Kevin to quit seeing things in her that aren't there and calls an Uber.

Rebecca gets into an argument with her mother over the family's auto accident and says they won't be there for Thanksgiving on that day or ever again.

Olivia asks William what it feels like to be dying. It feels like all the beautiful pieces of life are floating around, and he's trying to catch them.

Their chat sends Olivia back into the house to kiss Kevin.

Police Academy 3 is ending.

At the motel, Pilgrim Rick offers the reservation into a room with a broken thermostat where they'll eat american cheese and saltines.

Kate's flight goes through some terrible turbulence, and the woman next to her opens up. Bottom line? Life's too short.

Randall found the letter from his mother to William among William's prized possessions.

Jack arrives back at the room as Pilgrim Rick. They're going to skewer the hotdogs, roast them over an open furnace flame, wrap them in cheese and then roll them in crushed up crackers.

Kevin comes into the house as Pilgrim Rick, but when he sees Miguel's disappointed face, he stops, and welcomes this year's Pilgrim Rick to the front of the room.

Randall comes home and the look on his face says everything.

All of Randall's excitement for the day is gone as the family members bring out the food, a dish of which is hotdogs, cheese and crackers.

Grandma says the thing Jack said with the yarn, and when she tosses it to Randall who throws it to the floor.

He starts the conversation, but can't finish it. He leaves the house in tears just as Kate shows up with an announcement, she's going to have gastric bypass surgery.


This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jack: I always thought when my parents died, we'd get to do our own thing. Make up our own stupid traditions with the kids.
Rebecca: That's because you're a very, very naive man.

I hate going to grandma and grandpa's! Whenever we take pictures, they always say, 'Okay, okay, now one with just the twins.'