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Jack's ongoing battle with alcoholism was front-and-center during This Is Us Season 2 Episode 2. 

Rebecca forced him to confront his demons and asked how he beat "this thing" the first time. Did he even quit at all?

We see that the first time around, Jack's fear of becoming his father was motivation enough to kick the bad habit to the curb. This time, it wasn't going to be as easy and he needed his whole family to support him, especially his Katie girl.

In the present day, Katie girl is consumed by her mother's visit.

Rebecca and Miguel are in town to support Kevin, who is guest-starring on the sitcom that made him famous, The Manny. 

Kate promises not to overreact about her mother but when she tags along to her first singing gig, she's overcome with flashbacks of her childhood talent show and how badly she wanted to live up to her mother's expectations. 

They get into an explosive fight and Kate's word vomit reveals that she resents her mother for ever existing. 

The pressure is also on for Toby, who was focused on impressing Rebecca. He eventually earned the respect by choosing Kate's side in the mother-daughter wars. "I'm team Kate, every time," he told her boldly. 

Kevin's appearance didn't go as planned either since the director was out to get him for how he quit in the first place. 

Thankfully, Sophie was there the whole time and encouraged him to channel inner "Clooney" and nail the role. 

Beth and Randall found themselves arguing about whether or not adopting a teenager with potentially serious issues was a good idea.

Since Randall doesn't do anything until he's 100% convinced, he needed a little push in the right direction and Beth was there to tell him where there's a will, there's a way. 

It's official - they're fostering.


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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Y’all been sleeping on my boy Miguel. Miguel gets no love.


Rebecca: Kate, sweetheart, you sang incredibly, beautifully. You should be so happy right now.
Kate: Incredibly, beautifully? Why do you do that?
Rebecca: Do what? I'm complimenting you, I'm proud of you.
Kate: No, you feel sorry for me.
Rebecca: What on earth would make you think that Kate?
Kate: You overcompensate for me, mom, and you always have. And here I am a 37-year-old woman and you still me like a stupid fat little kid.
Rebecca: I'm sorry, what have I ever done to make you feel like that?
Kate: You existed. It's everything about you mom. It's not just that you're beautiful or thin or that you have perfect pitch even when you talk. It's everything. And you wanted a daughter like you. And I was never gonna be you.
Rebecca: I never wanted you to be like me, Kate.
Kate: Oh no, you wanted me to be the you that you never became.