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There's one thing a father has to do with his son's before they grow up -- take them on a fishing or camping trip. 

Jack takes Kevin and Randall on a camping trip hoping that they will put aside their difference and bond. 

But while Randall tries his best to get along with Kevin, his brother is just flat out mean to him. 

When Jack confronts him about why he's acting the way that he is, Kevin shuts down. 

Later, he finds his father's notes about hoping to mend their relationship and takes it upon himself to be nicer. 

While the boys are away on their trip, Rebecca and Kate plan a girl day, which gets ruined when she gets a call from the nursing home where Jack's estranged father is. 

Stanley Pearson is dying so she calls Jack but with no cellphones, she's unable to reach him and leaves a voicemail with the cabin receptionist. 

She decides to pay the elder Pearson a visit and finally introduces herself. Jack hated his father so much, he never even allowed him to meet his family. 

Rebecca finally gets ahold of Jack through a park ranger but he decides that he's not coming back for a final goodbye.

"My father has been dead to me for years," he tells her. 

Turns out, Jack was so upset about Kevin and Randall's strained relationship because he too had a younger brother. 

His younger brother, Nicky, was with him when Stanley took them as kids on a failed fishing trip. He ended up spending the day in the bar drinking while they waited in the car. 

Nicky was also in Vietnam with Jack and presumably died there. 

Kevin's inability to "feel" much of anything or talk about his problems carries over to the present day, where he's struggling with a pill and alcohol addiction. 

He spends the whole gala calling up doctors begging for a refill of Vicodin for his knee.

Since he's so focused on scoring, he misses the auction at the gala and embarrasses Sophie in front of all her peers.

Meanwhile, Randall escorts Deja to the gala, excited that she's finally interested in spending time with him, even if it is because of her huge crush on Kevin. 

Randall tries to prevent her from eating the whole shrimp, but his sudden movements cause her to flinch and break down.

She excuses herself and of course, Randall follows her. 

As he waits outside her bathroom stall, she finally opens up about past experiences in her homes, specifically the second one where they were beaten by glamour magazines by the foster mom's boyfriend.

"That's why you can't grab me like that," she tells him.

Jack wins with reconciling Kevin and Jack; Randall wins with parenting his foster daughter. 

Kate tells Toby that she's eight-weeks pregnant but scolds him about not getting his hopes up because, at 37-years-old, she's in a "geriatric" pregnancy. 

When he emotions run amok, she lashes out at Madison during group therapy and then crashes into her car.

As she's apologizing, she blurts out the good news and realizes it feels really good to tell someone.

She takes Toby to a nearby coffee shop and gives him permission to tell one stranger, seeing as it is too soon to tell friend and family.

Elated, he does his "happy dance" and soon, the whole coffee shop is celebrating.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Just so you know, your husband is a great father, and provider, and husband. You think you screwed him up but you didn't, you only made him stronger.


Kevin: Hey Randall, there could be a woman pooping in there.
Randall: I know.