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Teenage Kate eats and watches TV. She's not interested in going to Parents' Weekend with Rebecca to visit Randall. Rebecca gives her money for new CDs. She doesn't want her to sit around all day.

In the present, Kate and Gregory walk with Jack. Gregory is sarcastic about Kate taking Jack to a music class. Toby thinks the baby is too small. Kate says it's good for his development and something he can do this.

Meanwhile, Kevin goes to take Nicky to an AA meeting. He sees that Nicky's roof is leaking and invites him to stay with him but Nicky refuses. Kevin gets a bunch of texts. They canceled The Manny. He can't believe it's finally over.

In flashback, Kevin remembers Kate accompanying him to his first day on The Manny.

Nicky never saw the show.

Beth is nervous about her opening, especially with her mother coming. Deja wants to go out with Malik and some friends after.

At college, Rebecca talks to Randall about how worried she is about Kate while he stares at Beth.

In the present, Mama C is here. She wants to carry things and doesn't appreciate Randall saying she has to watch her hip. They all go in and there's a bad smell.

Cassidy is arguing wth a lady about why there is no AA meeting. The woman sees Kevin and recognizes him from the Manny. Cassidy tells Kevin her husband wants a divorce. He says since they are five hours early the three of them are taking a road trip.

Kate and Toby bring Jack to the music class. Jack starts crying when the teacher sings to him. All the sounds  make him cry because he can't see.

Teenage Kate goes through some CDs and is not happy that the CD she wants isn't there. She talks to the clerk about her dad's death. They start talking about music. He suggests she work there.

Kevin tries to get Nicky a new trailer. Nicky is not interested. The RV salesman recognizes Kevin from The Manny.

Kate and Toby have an argument n the car because they are stressed out about Jack's upset. Kate blames Toby for wasting time looking for Monkey. She suggests they just drive.

Rebecca takes it upon herself to introduce herself and Randall to Beth and her mother. Randall rambles about his major. He offers to walk with Beth to class. Beth is uncomfortable but says okay. Randall and Beth are not keen on the idea of thei rmothers getting to know each other.

In the present, a maintenance guy says it's a ead possum or dead rat. Beth's mom wants tt fixed now. Malik shows up and Deja gets nervous when she sees him. Deja introduces Malik to Randall and prepares to be embarrassed.

Malik tells Randall he read up on the work he did on the rec center. Randall says this is all overwhelming for him and his wife.Malik starts talking about his daughter. Randall doesn't know what he's talking about. Malik assumed Deja had told them. He tells Randall about his daughter.

Cassidy says the guy is wasting their time. Kevin says Nicky won't accept a new trailer. Kevin says he needed a meeting too afte rhis show was cancelled. Cassidy says don't try to relate to me. Kevin says he has a right to be upset too. A fan interrupts. Cassidy watches him be nice to the fan and apologizes (sort of). Kevin knows what it's like to get divorced. Cassidy tells the story of her engagement. 

Rebecca and Beth's mom talk. Beth's mom understands because she also lost her husband. Rebecca feels bad. Beth's mom says it's been tough for Beth too. Rebecca asks should they take off their wedding rings? Beth's mom says no. She says she gets through every day because of her teaching job. She used to read in bed  with him. She realized she hadn't read a book since his death so she decided to go back to hit..

Beth agrees with Randall that Deja cannot be allowed to see Malik.

The maintenance guy says they can't get the carcass without breaking the wall. They'll just have to wait out the smell. Beth's mom says they should just reschedule. Randall says he is going to fix it and they are not rescheduling.

In the past, Carol is not happy that Beth got a B-. She asks about Randall. Beth says it won't work out. Carol says it won't work out because his family is grieving. She didn't need any broken people.

In the persent, Kevin and Beth move the table outside. Carol watches as they set everything up in the parking lot.

Kate apologizes to Toby. She just wants Jack to be able to do what other kids do. Toby says he just has to take it one step at a time. Kate has an idea: they should go to the beach.

Beth thanks everyone for their patience and does a short demo. She dances. Randall apologizes to Carol but says she never liked him. Carol says she didn't want him to go out with Beth but she was wrong.

Kevin gives up on getting Nicky a trialer. Nicky tells a story about a girl he loved before the war but he couldn't write to her during Vietnam. When he came home he looked her up but she wasn't there so he decided it wasn't meant to be and went home.

Kevin has a flashback of the Manny pilot. He's not sure he likes being in LA or being an actor. He remembers that he started acting when his father died. He wanted to have kids with a woman instead.

In the present he asks Cassidy if she wants her husband back. She says yes, then hesitates. KEvin says then we should get him back. Cassidy tries to be empathetic but can't bring herself to care about The Manny.

Rebecca comes home and Kate has bought her some CDs. Rebecca puts on a Carol King CD. She remembers dancing with Jack in the kitchen. Kate tells her she got a job at the record store. Rebecca thinks that is the perfect job for her. Kate tells her to dance with her.. Rebecca remembers dancing with Jack as she dances with Kate. She thinks they should get out of this place and start a new chapter.

Cassidy wants to know what the final scene of The Manny is that everyone was asking about. Kevin tells her about it.

College age Beth comes to see Randall and asks why he gave her a lemon at lunch. Randall says on their date she had a Coke with lemon. She's surprised he noticed.  They kiss. and then she goes.

Kate and Toby take Jack to the beach and let him hear the sounds and touch his feet to the water.

Kevin pulls up in a trailer next to Nicky's trailer. He says he bought it for himself.

Kate and Rebecca hear a message from Kevin announcing that he married Sophie.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kevin: They cancelled The Manny.
Nicky: That thing is still on?
Kevin: I can't believe it's finally over. It was eight years ago I shot the pilot.
Nicky: I never saw it. Saw a commercial once though. You were drinking out of a baby bottle.

Kevin: I have plenty of money and it's a good cause.
Nicky: I'm not a cause.