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After a brief flashback from when the kids were toddlers Mark comes to get Kate, who is only eating a banana. Marc and Kate leave and Randall wonders what Kate sees in him, but Rebecca is just glad Kate is happy.

Kevin has a flashback of early childhood. Cassidy tells him they're both adults and this is all fine. But she's probably not going to call him.

Nicky guesses Cassidy's absence from AA is because Kevin slept with her. He asks Keivn what's wrong with him. Kevin sees Jack saying he's ashamed of her.

Rebecca comes to visit. Meanwhile, Deja is not happy that Beth will be present for her date with Malik.

Kate isn't getting Jack to eat. She says they can't try a different food now. Toby has to go and wants Kate to wait til later to try to feed Jack again so he won't miss it.

Nicky comes to Kevin's trailer with coffee and finds Kevin is not around. Kevin's trailer is all messed up.

Nicky calls Cassidy and asks if Kevin is with her. Cassidy has her own stuff to deal with but Nicky says he never calls her. She says she's on her way.

Rebecca has a flashback of trying to get a job. Randall helped her with her resume.

In the present Rebecca accidentally calls Randall a Congressman instead of a councilman. Rebecca takes photos -- a lot of them.

Kate knocks on Greg's door but he is having a bad morning and can't walk today. Kate asks if he needs help.

Malik comes to see Deja. Beth says pretend she's not here and then is totally annoying about how she's there.

Kevin is at a bar, drinking club soda. He confronts some guys who are claiming to have sucker punched a Pittsburgh Pirate. The guys accuse him of looking for trouble. HE ends up in a fight.

Randall goes to see the person that Rebecca interviewed with and tells him about Jack's death, his adoption, etc. The guy says Randall's mom is lucky to have him, but he can't train her on the software. Randall said he can teach her by Monday morning. Rebecca sees Randall leaving.

In the present, Randall and Rebecca eat lunch. He wants to hear about life in LA. He asks if there any celebrity sightings? Complains about traffic? Rebecca has baby pictures, but she can't find her phone. She freaks out about not being able to find her phone. Randall calls it and it;s buried under a bunch of papers. Rebecca sows Randall baby pictures.

Deja and Malik have some argument about something she doesn't want to talk about and he does. Deja runs upstairs. Beth goes to see what's going on. Deja tells Beth to tell Malik to go. Malik says this is his fault. Beth wants to know what happened. Beth says he has the right to know what's up. Malik tells her that Deja wants to see her birth mom.

Kate gets Gregory coffee. He has trouble expressing empathy because of the stroke but is glad she's here.

Cassidy and Nicky find Kevin all beat up and walking around. KEvin says he didn't drink. Nicky realizes Kevin forgot about the hearing. Nicky is sure Kevin will make a great impression on the judge. Nicky says forget it and storms off.

Cassidy and Kevin talk about how sorry isn't good enough when you're an adult.

Cassidy puts makeup over Kevin's black eye. She says her dad was in the 101st. She never found what her dad did in the military. She kept trying and destroyed everything. She says she destroyed her marriage, not Kevin. 

Kevin thinks it's not too late for Cassidy and Ryan. Cassidy says she signed the divorce papers. She knows Ryan will take Mattie to dinner tonight. She always watches them. But she can't do it anymore.

It's time for Nicky's hearing.

Gregory gets Jack to eat a piece of avocado. Kate says this is terrible timing.

Malik says Deja didn't want to talk to her parents about seeing her birth mom. He hopes he didn't blow it by pushing her too hard. Beth says Deja knows she can talk to us about anything. Malik says they didn't listen when Deja asked them before. Beth says they just got busy. Malik says they weren't too busy for what they were doing.

In court, Nicky is nervous. Kevin fixes Nicky's tie. He says they got this.

Judge comes in and Nicky almost forgets to rise.

Young Randall riding with Rebecca turns into Randall driving Rebecca to the airport.

Beth talks to Deja, who says this is no big deal and Malik shouldn't have told her. Deja is worried that Beth and Randall will think she is ungrateful. Beth says they will find a good time to visit. Deja wants to invite her birth mom for Thanksgiving.

Toby comes back with mushy nutritious stuff for Jack. He sees avocaos. He says these are perfect. He thinks this will be great. Toby takes video of Jack's "first" food. Jack eats it. Kate looks guilty.

The judge is willing to consider diversion, but does Nicky feel remorse. Nicky says not really. HE says throwing that chair was the best thing that ever happened because it got him to stop drinking, join AA, or stuck with therapy. And Kevin came back into his life. He says he pushed eeryone away for 40 years. He told himself he was too broken for them. But he was wrong.

Kevin realizes that Nicky won no matter what happens. He turned his life around.

Judge gives Nicky diversion as long as he doesn't reoffend and stays in treatment for two years.

Beth lets Malik give Deja a brief kiss before he goes.

Rebecca and the rest of the kids come in with Miguel. Miguel says REbecca keeps losing her phone. Beth wants to talk to Randall about Thanksgiving.

KEvin takes Cassidy to see Ryan and Mattie at the restaurant. Nicky tells her don't let it take 40 years to get better like he did. Cassidy asks when Kevin is leaving town. He says Philly for Thanksgiving, then back to LA. Cassidy tells him she found community in the Marines and when she came back it was like she was in a new country without a map. SHe hopes Keivn finds his happy ending.

Cassidy goes into the restaurant. She sits with her family and hugs her son. Nicky is smiling as he watches. 

Young Rebecca gets the job. She wants to know what Randall said to Mr. Simons. He says he just wants people to see her the way he does. Rebecca is proud of him. She can't believe she's starting an entry-level  position at her age. She doesn't want Randall to worry about her.

In the present, Randall goes into the room where Rebecca is staying. He says she doesn't seem like herself. She says she has senior moments. Randall is concerned. Rebecca insists she's fine, just getting older. Randall thinks she needs to see a doctor. She doesn't want to and insists she's fine.

Kevin invites Nicky to Thanksgiving in Philly. Nicky accepts. Kevin imagines Jack saying he's a good kid and remembers Jack saying he was a good boy when he was very little.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Randall: What does Kate see in that guy?
Rebecca: Honestly, as long as she's happy, that's all that matters.

Jack: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superdad.
Rebecca: Well, look at you.
Jack: I couldn't do it without you.
Rebecca: You'll never haev to.