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We have a bunch of flashbacks of Jack's father yelling at Nicky. Jack comes up and finds Nicky sitting on the steps. Jack suggests they leave.

In the present, Nicky is having second thoughts about attending Thanskgiving with the Pearsons. He is surprised to hear that Kevin is thinking about coming back to Bradford with him afterwards.

Beth is setting up a card table. Deja is nervous about meeting Shawna. Randall tries to make up with Rebecca but she gets mad when he suggests she needs to see a specialist.

Toby and Kate argue when Kate tells him on the plane that Jack actually ate avocados at Gregory's first.

In the past, Nicky and Jack watch a football game. Nicky is betting on the game because he figures he doesn't need money in Vietnam. Jack says that Nicky is not going to Vietnam. Anyway, Nicky wins a ton of money on his bet

In the present, Nicky meets Beth. Randall asks what happened to Kevin's face. Kevin sees the kids. Nicky looks at photographs.

Randall is happy to find out that their Thanksgivig stuff is in their old house. .Beth wants him to hurry up in case Shawna shows up in a bad way. Nicky invites himself along for the ride.

Rebecca is wandering. She watches kids on a playground. She sees a black guy and thinks he's William.

Kevin goes to see Tess who didn't come say hi. He asks what's wrong. Tess doesn't want to talk about it but tells him about a meme asking to post your #1 celebrity crush. She's not sure what to do because she hasn't come out at school. 

Kevin and Tess go out for a bit, leaving Beth alone (except for Miguel). Shawna arrives early.

Beth realies the guy is not William. She asks him if there is a baery nearby. The guy says there's a grocery store around the corner. Some kids with skateboards almost knock Rebecca over and she looks around, confused.

Jack wants Nicky to put all that money away. They have ordered five pounds of shrimp.

Deja puts something in the oven. Miguel makes a joke that she doesn't get. Shawna has a video of dancing with Deja when she was little. Beth is upset.

Kevin takes Tess somewhere and talks to her about AA is about one day at a time. So he was thinking, what if Tess just came out to one person -- maybe a stranger, like the person at the drive through. Tess does it.

Kate, Toby, and Jack arrive. Miguel feels a need to mention avocado right away. Toby has brought tempe because he's on a diet. Kate wonders where everyone is.

Annie wonders why she hasn't met Nicky before. He says her grandfather erased him.

Nicky feels all this is too much for him. Annie doesn't even know who he is. They go to the house and Nicky is upset that Annie is excited about Jack's hat.

Rebecca goes to buy cake and finds roses instead. She stands in the middle of the store, then buys the roses instead She has trouble finding her wallet and using her card and says she hasn't eaten so her brain is fuzzy. She leaves her phone behind when she leaves.

Shawna is impressed with Toby's vegan food. Toby tries to convince Miguel to try his diet.

Kate notices Beth is upset. They go into the yard. Beth hates that Shawna is doing so well. She says she was praying for her to be in a good place but when she sees Deja with Shawna, she feels jealous.  Kate confides in Beth that she's resentful that TOby lost all that weight without her. Beth tells her she needs to talk to Toby.

Randall encourages Nicky to put on music in the car. Nicky puts on So Long, Marianne. Randall says that was Jack's favorite too. Jack always explained it. Nicky recalls explaining it to Jack. In the present, Randall explains it to Nicky the way Jack did. Randall sings along while Nicky stares into space. Randall goes on about what Jack used to say. Nicky asks if they can make a quick stop on the way home.

Rebecca eats in a Chinese restaurant. She can't find her phone and asks for a phone to call Randall. But then she realizes she doesn't have his number and freaks out.

Toby is feedig Jack. Kate wants to talk to him. Toby asks what's up and she just says happy Thanksgiving.

Shawna is yelling at the football game. Deja is shocked she likes football now.  Shawna says she has a group of friends who have potlucks every Sunday. Deja gets upset and walks off. Randall comes in and finds out Rebecca is not here yet and that Shawna is doing well. 

Randall tries to call Rebecca. He leaves a message saying he's trying not to worry and pelase come home. Then says hi to Kate.

Deja is in her room crying. Beth comes in to tell her dinner is almost eady and that Shawna seems to be doing well. Deja is upset that her mom couldn't be like that when she was taking care of her. Beth hugs her and asks her about the dance video. Deja tells her about a neighbor who told her that if her mom knew how to cook she could keep a man, and her mom danced with her to get revenge on the neighborm who hated noise.

Rebecca is being given a ride by some police officers who say that she's a long way from L.A. She tells them that she's visiting family.

Randall tells Kevin that Nicky is doing great and making something in secret in the kitchen. Kevin is surprised Rebecca left. Nicky comes in and says THanksgivings weren't that happy when he was growing up but they made do. In flashback, Jack says they will do this every Thanksgiving from n ow on. 

In the present, Nicky says they would have kept this promise but life got in the way. So here's five pounds of Thanksgiving shrimp. For Jack, his brother, and new family traditions.

In the future, we see a grown-up Jack giving his girlfriend five pounds of shrimp.

Kevin talks to Nicky in the kitchen. Nicky tells him to go back to LA. He'll be fine. 

Ih her room, Tess looks at her Instagram and smiles.

Toby tries to put the hat on Jack's head. Kate goes to get his phone to take a picture and finds a text from someone in his crew telling him to hang in there about her.

Tess tells Kevin about the comments on Instagram. Kevin and Tess show Randall.  Randall asks what is next for Kevin. Kevin doesn't know. Kevin says by the time he's 40 he wants a wife and kid. Randall suggests he date someone first. Kevin wonders where Rebecca is.

The police bring Rebecca to the house. We see it is now nine months later and it is Kevin's birthday.

At Thanksgiving, Rebecca arrives and says she turned her phone off for the movies.

KEvin tells the cops that his fiancee has morning sickness. The cops leave and Rebecca asks if Randall is here. Kevin says he and Randall aren't speaking, remember?

Rebecca tells Randall she was halfway through the trailer of Cats and realized she couldn't remember what movie she was watching. She thinks she needs to see a doctor.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

It's Thanksgiving. She wants to make up as much as you do. Go talk to her.


Kevin: Look at you. You look sharp.
Nicky: I look like a Viagra commercial.