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There are a series of flashbacks of Toby and Kate. Kate doesn't want to get up when the baby cries.

Rebecca wants Jack to drop her off at her parents.. Jack doesn't think her parents approve of him.

A few years later, Randall awakens Jack and Rebecca at 6 AM. He wants to go to school to talk to Mr. Lawrence .Jack and Rebecca taken him. Mr. Lawrence tells Jack that Randall is a very special kid and dismisses him.

Adult Randall is annoyed that Wilkins is freezing him out. He's going to go confront him. Randall is nervous and offers them a spot at a golf club. The other concilmen invite him to play golf with them for money.

Kevin gets in an argument with Nicky when Nicky accidentally puts a heart on a photo of Zoe so Zoe will know that Kevin is stalking her online.

Young Rebecca and Jack park at her parents'. Rebecca's father invites Jack to play golf with him. Jack declines but Rebecca talks him into it.

Toby and Kate have an argument and Toby is tired of not having sex. He suggests she let Rebecca babysit so they can go away.

Kevin is surprised at the gym by how fit Cassidy is. He is interrupted by some woman who works there giving him a drink. Kevin thinks Cassidy should talk to Ryan before she loses her marriage. He tells her about Zoe and shows her a photo. Cassidy is surprised that Kevin wanted kids.

Randall is watching Tiger Woods. Jack offers to take him golfing.

Adult Randall tells the other councilmen he has only played golf once. He hits someone. The other counclpeople won't let him in their cart.

Kate follows a trail of rose petals to a bed, where Toby is lying. They start making out but apparently Toby couldn't get it up as in the next scene Kate is telling him it's okay and he says it's not but he has a lot on his mind. They turn on a classic movie.

In the past, Dave gets Jack some clothes and some guy invites them to play. Jack doesn't know anything about OPEC and Dave suggests the other guy give him a job. Jack is upset and gets a gin and tonic while the guys go to the next hole.

Jack and Randall go to the green. Randall tell shim about how he's the first black kid on the debate team. He says it'll be hard for him. Jack talks about how he didn't feel welcome at country clubs and that's why he stopped playing.  Randall feels Jack doesn't understand what he's trying to say.

Jack is getting drunk at his game with Dave.

The councilmen are excluding Randall. He does not hit well. The councilman tells him he does everything too fast, Just hit slower

Kevin talks to the woman from the gym. She is going back to school to get a degree in nutrition. He's not happy being in a small town where it takes 20 minutes to get a menu. The girl would settle here if she met the right person. It's a perfect town to raise kids.

At the club, the guys have gone to dinner. Jack feels like he's not part of the group. The other man wants Jack to come in for an interview. Jack turns him down.

Jack can tell Randall is upset. Randall thinks Jack doesn't understand what it's like for him to be black. Jack doesn't see color. Randall says then he doesn't see him.

The adult Randall lets the other councilman teach him how to play golf. 

Kate wonders if it's her -- is Toby not attracted to her anymore? He has a new body now. Toby says he just has a lot on his mind. He is upset that Kate told him to keep his old pants in case he put the weight back on and there was so much pressure to perform so she wouldn't think he wasn't attracted to her. 

Dave is glad he drove since Jack is drunk. But he thinks Jack should have taken the interview. Jack says he doesn't need the help. Dave says he wasn't too proud to take a job and rise up the ranks. That country club is where he wants to celebrate Rebecca's wedding. But does Jack see himself there?

Rebecca tells Jack that Randall is trying to figure out his place in the world. Jack wonders if they were threatened by the dojo. Rebecca says no.

The councilmen talk about where they learned to play golf. Randall makes a toast. Wilton now invites Randall to his office to talk business.

Kevin takes the red haired girl from the gym through the woods but finds Cassidy. Kevin gets rid of the girl from the gym. Cassidy saw Ryan and they argued. She doesn't blame him. She's too screwed up. Kevin says PTSD doesn't make Cassidy unlovable. She kisses him and then apologizes and runs away.

No one is home when Toby and Kate get back. Kate goes to unpack and ignores Toby calling her name. She cuts up his old pants but it's the wrong pair. Rebecca and Miguel will be back in five minutes so Toby says that gives them four minutes.

Dave drops Jack off. Jack says he's going to marry Rebecca, get a good job, and give her a happy home. Does Dave see himself there? Dave says Jack is not good enough for Rebecca. Jack gets in his face but Rebecca comes out. Jack trips and Rebecca says she's taking him home. Dave is unhappy as Rebecca walks Jack down the path.

Kevin finds Nicky at his trailer. Nicky makes a sandwich and goes

Kevin has a flashback of telling Cassidy not to go. They kiss some more.

Kevin comes in now and Cassidy is in the bed.

Jack wants to talk to Mr. Lawrence. He tells Mr. Lawrence that Randall looks up to him. But he's 12 and he wants a heads-up if Randall is asking about his place in the world. Jack invites Mr. Lawrence and his wife over for dinner.

Grown up Randall plans to go golfing again with the councilmen. 12 year old Randall gets an apology from Jack. Jack says Randall will be a very important man and important relationships happen on the golf course.  Randall remembers his advice as he picks up a golf club.

12-year-old Randall keeps hitting balls into the water. Jack shows him how to hit the ball. Randall hits a near perfect shot. We see Randall playing at diferent ages. Adult Randall hits a perfect shot and says this one's for you. It goes into a puddle

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jack: I don't think your parents approved of me, that first night at the club. I think I talked about myself too much.
Rebecca: You never talk about yourself.

Kate: Promise we'll always be hot for each other.
Toby: Easiest promise I'll ever make.