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We start off with a montage:

Jack is taking home movies of the babies.

Kevin is washing one of the babies in the sink.

Kate and Toby give baby Hailey lotion after he bath.

Rebecca is exhausted but it's her time to feed the babies.

Madison feels like a dairy farm.

Jack and Rebecca look at the Big Three in their bassinets.

Kevin can't stop l looking at his kids.

Kate thinks Hailey looks perfect.

Meanwhile, Randall is not happy that Beth's mom is still here. Beth is planning a big goodbye dinner. But Carol has decided to stay an extra week.

Kevin has bought a dress for Madison. He wants to invite Kate and Toby over tomorrow.

Kate talks to Kevin on the phone while taking Jack home from his music class. She runs into the teacher outside.

Toby is on a Zoom interview while rocking the baby. His background falls down and so does his ring light. He asks if he has a chance with this job. The boss, Terrance, says Toby is a top candidate.

Jack comes down in a suit and tie. Miguel told him to wear it. He is trying to get a promotion. Rebecca swears she will be fine alone with the kids.

Toby is stressed out that he has not gotten any email from Terrance yet. Kate thinks he should feel excited because he will get the job. He doesn't want to tell Kevin anything until he finds out if he has the job. He doesn't want to tell Kevin he lost his job.

Beth asks how many more dinners will Carol be here for? Carol criticizes her cooking. She also criticizes Beth forgetting that Tess' friend is non-binary and goes by 'they'.

Malik shows up and wants to talk to Randall privately.  He wants some advice and Randall is excited. Malik wants to talk to him about his daughter. His daughter's mother wants to come back into her life.  It was ugly when the baby was born because her parents wanted to put the baby up for adoption. But now Jennifer wants to be involved and his parents don't like it. He thought Randall would have some thoughts on it. Randall says no two situations are exactly the same but he had a big hole in his life because he didn't know his birth mother.

Kevin has got all sorts of gifts from celebrities. He has cigars from Leo Dicaprio's manager for Toby. Toby gets a text that he didn't get the job.

Jack goes to dinner and Miguel insists he tell some story about the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jadk talks about how he saw one of the players but didn't want to bother him. Then he saw him in the parking lot. The guy couldn't find his car. Jack offered him a ride but a stretch limo pulled up.

Toby smokes a cigar and looks sad. Kevin rambles about whether he will get a dad body. Anyway he wants to kids to all grow up together. He has stock in a property in Malibu and wants to buy it and build a compound. Toby doesn't like Malibu. Kevin asks Toby how work is but fortunately pizza arrives just then.

Carol compliments Beth's cooking (!). Beth asks how everyone's day was. Tess starts playing with her phone while Randall is talking about pH levels. Carol comments about the phone use so Beth takes everyone's phone, including Randall's.

Madison toasts to everyone. Then she is leaking and has to go.  Kevin thinks Toby and Kate should get a Snu. Kate and Toby try to argue him out of it. Toby thinks Kate told Kevin he lost his job and tells Kevin not to worry about it. Kevin has no idea. Toby has to tell them that he didn't get the job with Terrence. Madison comes back and asks what she missed.

Jack is too full to eat any more shrimp. One of the other guys is surprised Jack has a personality. He wants to do credit card roulette to see who pays the bill. Miguel doesn't think Jack should participate but Jack wants to and ends up having to pay.

Kevin says things have a way of working themselves out. Natasha interrupts that one of the babies needs to be fed. Kevin says he can help if Toby needs. Toby doesn't want his help. Kate wants to go back to work. Toby says he'd still have to work and then they'll need child care. Kevin says bring the kids here. Toby doesn't want Kevin paying for his kids' lives. Kevin just wants to help. Toby says he has a career and can take care of his own family. Kevin says they are all family. Toby says they are two different families. Hailey starts crying and Toby goes to check on her.

Carol, who earlier said not to use so much pepper, now thinks it could have used more pepper. Malik is allowed to use his phone. Tess isn't allowed to use hers. She announces she and Alex are a couple. Deja wants to know why Malik is texting Jennifer. Beth and Tess argue while Deja and Malik also argue. Tess has told Carol and not Beth while Malik has told Randall and not Deja.

Beth has it out with Carol about her judgments and Carol says she'll leave.

Jack comes home and Rebecca is upset he paid all that money. He couldn't be the only one not to participate. He'll pay off the credit card over time.

Kate and Kevin talk about how Jack always provided for them and they never worried about money. Kevin wants Kate to promise to come to him if they need anything.  Toby comes back. It's time to put the kids in the car. Kate goes to get Jack and Toby apologizes to Kevin. Kevin is sorry too.

Randall finds Deja in his hideout. She's upset that Malik's ex is coming back around. What if they like each other again? Randall says she's so mature he forgets she's fifteen and in love for the first time.  She's mad at Randall because he's the first person to ever be completely in her corner. She wants him to put her ahead of Malik. He says he is her Day 1.

Carol tells Beth that she knows she can be judgmental but she's jealous of the chaos in Beth's household. She likes being here because her house is too quiet and she likes the loudness.

Kate calls Rebecca and says she thinks Rebecca is the reason that she never noticed they had no money. How did she make it work? Rebecca says she had her tricks.

Rebecca comes to talk to Jack about money. He's exhausted. She says she'll take over the finances and put 10% of his paycheck in savings every month.

Kate says Rebecca pulled it off so effortlessly even after Dad died. Rebecca says Kate rose to the occasion when Jack was born.

Kate tells Toby he is the greatest father and provider in the world. She wants to be a TA at Jack's school and Dr. Salsman offered it. She is going to take it.

Randall sprays his plant. Beth comes in with a cooler for his porch. Her mom is staying indefinitely.

Kevin says he can't stop thinking about what Toby said. He's realizing they're not all going to live in a compound together but it's okay.  He is very excited to share walls with his own family.  He's okay with it just being them. Madison and Kevin kiss.  There is a knock on the door. It's Nicky.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

I am grateful that your mother watched the girls while we were gone, but she is still here and it is hard to be around you two. The tension is thick and this porch is not inside.


I feel like all I do is breastfeed. And I am wearing cow pajamas. Oh my God, I'm literally a dairy farm.