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A medical resident (possibly Deja?) is bored by the OBGYN rotation.

In the past, a nurse encourages Rebecca and Jack to help themselves to baby supplies in the hospital. Rebecca looks upset. Jack says they can do this. He has to go install car seats. He insists he doesn't need a manual but is unable to get the car seats in. Some security guard asks him why he has three car seats.

Kevin also is trying to install car seats and is annoyed with some fan who is taking photos of him without permission. He starts ranting to the guy about how hard this is and then lets the guy take a photo of him.

Kevin comes back with coffee and Madison is holding one of the babies. She is going home today too. Is he excited? Kevin is nervous about doing this on their own.

In the past, Randall and Beth are taking baby Annie home.

Toby is on the phone with someone. As soon as Kate gets here they will take the baby home. He has a sign like people have at the airport. He gets to hold the baby for the first time. Kate says to be extra sensitive with Ellie because this will be hard for her. Ellie comes out. Everything is signed. Time to get everyone home. Ellie watches as Toby puts the baby in the car seat.

Jack puts all the babies in the car. Madison puts the twins in the car.

Rebecca is super nervous about the babies. She can't see them. She looks behind her and worries about their head positions etc. The babies all start crying and Jack grips the steering wheel tightly.

Randall and Beth take Annie home. Beth is happy that Randall has water for her.  Beth is not exactly comfortable back there with the baby. Randall thinks they need a family car in case they have a third baby. Beth doesn't want to think about having another baby. Also Randall passed the Dairy Queen.

Madison is taking photos of the babies. Kevin is very tired (and hopefully won't fall asleep behind the wheel.) Kevin thinks they're being followed.

It is very quiet in Toby's car. Kate suggests a zipline at the park if Willow wants to meet Hailey. Ellie seems super tense. She tells Kate she can't do an open adoption. She can't have Hailey in her life right now. She doesn't want to talk about it. She just wants to go home.

Jack is clearly upset by the babies crying. Rebecca is worried about the babies. Some idiot is on their tail and then cuts them off to zoom into the gas station. Jack decides to confront the guy. Rebecca yells at him to get back here. He decides to fill the car up instead of fighting with the guy.

Kevin pulls over and decides to confront the guy. The guy starts taking photos. Madison tells him to go to the babies. She's got this. She asks the paparazzi if he has kids. He has not family or friends. She tells him she will call him when Kevin is jogging so he can get a photo. That manages to get rid of the guy. Madison tells Kevin to go to sleep while she drives.

Randall and Beth go to the Dairy Queen. Randall feels a need to talk again about having a third kid. He wants to try for a boy.  Beth is mad.

The doctor from earlier gets a ride. Turns out she's pregnant.

Jack is pumping gas and hearing the babies cry. He goes inside to pay for the gas, gets some nuts, and decides to buy a small whisky and some mints. He drinks the whisky in the store and goes to give Rebecca the nuts. He suggests she drive.

Toby tells Kate Hailey is already asleep. Kate is upset. Babysitter will bring Jack home. She's doesn't understand how Toby isn't upset that Ellie doesn't want to be part of the baby's life. Toby says plans change. Kate is worried because Randall has been so hurt by not knowing his birth parents.

Randall talks to baby Annie. He's sorry about the fight. He talks about how he had to do a family tree for school and how hard it was because he knew his family was not the people he came from. Tess and Annie are his branches. He hopes Annie and Tess will someday give him a lot of grandchildren.

Rebecca and Jack come home. The babies are asleep. Jack is very clearly drunk. He goes to check whether the babies are asleep. Rebecca doesn't want to bring them in while they're sleeping and risk waking them. They decide to sit in the car til the babies wake up.

Kate holds Hailey and says she's only happy when she's holding her. Toby says that Ellie chose Kate because she saw a funny, beautiful, huge hearted mother who has taken parenting in stride. They will figure this out and Ellie knew it from the start. Also he got laid off today. He didn't want to ruin this day by telling her. She says they will figure it out together.

Kevin wakes up to babies crying. He sees Jack holding the babies and asks how did he get them to stop crying. Jack says it's easy because the kids and Rebecca were all he ever wanted. He also tells Kevin to stop trying to be like him.

In reality Kevin finds Madison with the babies. She asks if Kevin is okay. He says he's great.  He wants to marry Madison and proposes to her. He has no ring but uses their ID bracelets from the hospital. Madison says yes.

Jack says to Rebecca this is the quietest it's gonna be for 18 years.  Rebecca feels like a different person. She tells Jack how her mom had a miscarriage when Rebecca was five and was sad for a long time. What if she can't be a great mom because she's too sad for too long? Jack is not worried about that. Jack confesses to drinking whisky. He is so afraid of being like his dad. Rebecca reassures him he's not.

We have a montage of music of the Big Three growing up and Randall's kids growing up.

Yep, the pregnant doctor is Deja, and she and Annie meet Randall at the cabin to see Rebecca.






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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Security guard: How come you have three car seats back there
Jack: I have three babies.
Security Guard: Oh wow. God bless you.

Male doctor: You're not even gonna pretend to be interested?
Female doctor: It's babies. How hard can it be?