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Kevin watches a movie with Jack and later he is preparing to go to the cabin with the family (plus Sophie and Beth). Randall and Beth are worried about being apart while Beth has an internship in Boston. Kevin thinks it's no big deal. Sophie seems upset. Also, Kate is unhappy to be the only uncoupled one,

In the present, everyone is getting ready for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Notably, Kate wants Toby to have a good time and forget his troubles, Miguel is afraid to leave Rebecca, and Nicky wants to bring a jigsaw puzzle to do.

At the cabin, college age Kevin doesn't see why Randall and Beth need to make plans to stay close while far away. Long distance is no big deal. Sophie gets mad. How will their marriage survive if they are on opposite coasts?

At the campsite, it starts raining as everyone gets there.

Beth and Kate have come over to Rebecca's for the bachelorette party. The girls are not there, as it is an adults-only party. Kate has invited a nude model. It turns out he's Madison's ex.

At the guys' party, Miguel is freaking out about Rebecca. Randall has got Kevin a copy of Kevin McGuire. Kevin requires watching a VHS of it while married to Sophie. Scenes of the two viewings are intercut in a montage of sorts. College age Beth is bored by the movie and goes to look at photos of Jack with Rebecca. She admits she's only half sold on the internship. She's not worried about her and Randall. The internship sounds awesome but intense and she's afraid of failing. She asks if Rebecca knows she used to dance. Rebecca says she used to sing so she knows the feeling.

Madison gloats about painting her ex after he ghosted her. They end up talking about how Kevin didn't want to be with her until she got pregnant. She says it's fine.

Randall is disappointed that Kevin is no longer excited about Jerry McGuire. Nicky says this movie is the story of Kevin's life, about a guy who falls more in love with the kids than the kids' mother. He says Kevin is Jerry McGuire 2.0. Kevin says he's crazy about Madison. Miguel interrupts tathat he  is happy to hear from Rebecca.

College age Kevin is amazed by the ending of Jerry McGuire. Randall and Beth flirt with each other. Kevin is enamored with Jerry McGuire because he decides what he wants and goes for it. He says he'll be right back and leaves. Beth and Randall laugh about that.

Miguel is going on about Renee Zewilger. Randall asks Toby what he thought and asks if Toby is okay but Kevin interrupts to ask Nicky why he said what he said about Madison? Randall tells Kevin to take a breath and stop going off on Nicky.

Kate has some video of Kevin. Beth says she has to go to the bathroom but goes to a bedroom instead. Rebecca goes to check on her. Beth says she spoke to a recruiter who gave her leads at traditional dance academies. She doesn't want to be part of that kind of school. Rebecca says Beth is amazing.  They go b ack to the party.

The video is Nicky interviewing Kevin in a sort of newlywed game to see if he and Madison know each other.

In the past, Kevin has made a mission statement. He sees himself with Sophie forever, a new wedding and kids and being disgustingly in love with each other.

The rain is letting up and Randall says that Nicky found dry firewood as a peace offering. Kevin has found his mission statement. He tells Randall that Sophie called. He's worried about whether he's marrying the right person. Randall brings him out and says Kevin has cold feet and the rest of them are not doing any better. Toby is depressed, Miguel is obsessing over Rebecca, and Nicky is... Nicky. Let's all talk.

Nicky announces this party is lame and is promptly told to shut up. Toby says Jerry McGuire ends with nothing having changed and the relationship will always be bad. He sounds like he's describing him and Kate. He apologizes. He says he's in a weird place. He really needs a new job. Randall tells him he's going to be okay.

Nicky says the movie put him in a bad mood. Romantic comedies and dramas and dramedies and all romance does. He can't relate. He had one relationship 50 years ago with Sally Brooks and he blew it. He lost the girl, end of story. That's why he said what he said because he was pissed off about his own crappy love life.  Kevin says maybe he's onto something. Would he and Madison have ended up together if life hadn't thrown them together?

Miguel says that he thought about the expression "written in the stars" when he first got together with Rebecca. He thought that's how it was for Rebecca and Jack but it wasn't like that for him and her. It was strange and he knew it and he was filled with doubt on their wedding day and afterward. But as the years went by he realized it's okay. Some love stories are written in the stars and other love stories that are written together. Two people the universe had no plans for writing their story in the stars together

Randall thinks this is the strangest bachelor party in history. Toby wants a beer.

Beth tells Rebecca she said yes to meeting on those jobs. She thanks Rebecca for what she said earlier. Rebecca thanks her for opening up to her. It made her feel normal, not like a patient everyone has to tiptoe around. Miguel worries about her too much. Kevin and Kate won't let her help with the kids. Randall won't tell her about his trip to see his birth mother. Today is the first time she felt like herself, like a mom and a friend. Beth says she's not going to stop coming to her for pep talks. She suggests Rebecca ask Randall about his trip.

Madison is impressed with Kate's red velvet cake. Kate asks Madison to tell her if she's happy with Kevin? Madison says she didn't know what to expect out of him when he's famous but he has stepped up in ways she could never have imagined and she loves him. She promises nothing will get in the way of her friendship with Kate.

Miguel calls Rebecca as she is walking up the path. He apologizes for driving her crazy with all his worry. Rebecca knows it's hard living in this limbo and not knowing how much time they have left. It's hard for her too.

We see the younger Rebecca answering the phone at the cabin and it's Miguel, worried because he couldn't get her at home. She tells him it's strange being here and seeing Kevin and Randall in relationships and so alive. It made her think maybe there was some version of love out there for her too. Miguel says if she's open to that it will find her.

In the present, Miguel asks how the sky looks. He says they can really see the stars tonight.

Miguel comes back in and asks Nicky what he's up to. Nicky says nothing. Miguel goes and Nicky is looking for Sally online.

Toby calls someone and leaves a voicemail he's considering the San Francisco position.

Randall and Beth are texting. Randall asks if Kevin is good. Kevin says yes and deletes Sophie's number.

Madison watches the video of Kevin saying he plans not to get old, over and over.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Miguel: When I think of your mom and me, I think of the phrase 'written in the stars'. I used to love that expression, the way it meant that the universe had plans for two people. That was your mom and dad, but it wasn't like that for her and me. It was strange. And I was filled with doubt on our wedding day and on a lot of days after that. But as the years went by, I realized that was okay. Some love stories are written in the stars and other love stories are written together: two people the universe had no plans for writing their story in the stars together.

Rebecca: I will be fine.
Miguel: We haven't been out of each other's sight for a year.
Rebecca: And it will be so refreshing to have a few days without you watching me like a hawk.