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The woman who rented the studio to Beth is impressed as Beth prepares for her big opening next week. She leaves and Beth walks around imagining her dance studio. However, schools are shut down because of COVID. When Beth finally does open they have to wear masks and use hand sanitizer.  We also see Beth dancing as a child and Beth giving virtual lessons. She has to close the studio because she can't keep it going.

Beth immediately wants to look for a new job. Randall thinks she should hold out for an arts grant but she doesn't want to. Internet is out. Randall asks Deja to keep an eye on Beth. Deja says she has a situation with Malik that she doesn't want to talk about. Deja watches Beth mess with dry lucky charms.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has invited herself to go dress shopping with Madison. Kevin suggests they play good, bad, worse. Madison's "worst" mentions Alzheimers. Kevin says just don't say that.

Toby and Kate have a leak. Toby insists on fixing it himself. Kate realizes Toby is upset about her going on about her job as he is looking up videos for fixing leaky pipes on Youtube.

In the past, Rebecca wishes Randall luck with something having to do with Beth. Kate is getting ready for an interview at Rebecca's office and hates her dress.

Meanwhile, Madison is trying on dresses. Kate thinks the dress is a little feathery. Madison says she brought Kate here when she was shopping for wedding dresses. Rebecca wishes she'd been there then. They talk about Kate's job. Kate loves it. She hasn't been able to share how great it is with Toby because he's out of work. Rebecca says Toby lights up when Kate is happy and she felt that way when Kate was younger.

Madison has another dress.

Toby is making a mess out of the house while Gregory watches Jack. He doesn't want to call Miguel because that will send the bat signal to all the Pearsons. He calls his dad instead. His father is critical of him but says he will be there in an hour.

Kevin goes to the screening of his movie. The director actually thanks him for his performance. Kevin doesn't know what to say.

In the past, Randall takes Beth to Swan Lake as a surprise. She doesn't want it and asks him to take her home.

In the present, Beth is getting ready for a Zoom interview and asks Annie to disable the mirror screen. Beth's interview begins. However the interviewer is double booked and asks to reschedule. Beth starts laughing and Deja comes in. Beth is happy that her meeting was canceled.

Rebecca and Kate are whispering about dresses. Madison is crying. Her dad is not going to the wedding after all. She doesn't know why she cares.  She doesn't want to cry in front of Rebecca. Rebecca tells her to stop this.  She wouldn't let her marry Kevin if she wasn't special.

Kevin meets with his agent and turns down a bunch of ideas. He can't get good work because he has a reputation for walking off in the middle of of projects. Nicky interjects that he misses Bonanza.

Kevin and Nicky are walking out when Kevin sees Zoey on a Skype screen. He sends Nicky downstairs and goes to talk to Zoey.

Kate tells Rebecca she's a really good mom.

Randall comes home and Beth is not there. Deja tells Randall how Malik's baby mama is in her life and it's stressing her out but Malik knows not to push her about it. He asks 100 times where Beth is anyway. Deja tells him that Beth is cleaning out the studio but doesn't need a hero.

Toby's dad shows up with tools.

Kevin and Zoey talk and Zoey thinks he seems really happy. She likes that he completely commits. She recalls how when they were dating if he wanted pizza and she wanted sushi suddenly he wanted sushi. She's seeing someone too.

Young Beth looks out the window of the cab. She and Randall are not talking. Adult Beth throws away all the grand opening flyers. She finds a photo of her and her ballet teacher when she was a child.

Toby's dad fixes the leak. His dad asks if he's okay. Toby says being a stay-at-home dad wasn't the plan but cuts himself off and says he's fine. His dad says he got messed up when Toby was 8 and he lost his job. He wishes he'd talked more about stuff that was bothering him.

Kate didn't show up at Rebecca's office but has got a job at the diner. Rebecca is disappointed. Kate says she can be proud of Randall, maybe Kevin, shouldn't be proud of her because she always disappoints her.

Kate introduces Rebecca to her choir. They do a song for Rebecca.

Younger Kate sits in the diner remembering Jack telling her she was a shoo-in for Berkley and that she lights up when she talks about music.

Rebecca thinks this job is perfect for Kate. Kate says Rebecca always believed in her. She worked at that diner for nine years but Rebecca always knew she'd find herself again.

Kevin comes home. The twins have been fussy. Madison tells Kevin about her dad and says she wouldn't get through it without Rebecca. Kevin tells her about the screening and how his career seems dead. He just wants to watch TV. Madison wants to watch the Great British Baking Show so they do. Madison falls asleep in his lap and he is holding one of the babies.

Toby is also watching the show when Kate comes in. Kate downplays how great her class was. She thinks Toby fixed the leak and says she should have never doubted him.

Young Randall offers to take Beth to a movie. She's sorry about tonight. She used to love going to the ballet. She says mirrors are all over dance studios to catch mistakes. She wasn't good enough.

In t he present, Beth is staring into the mirror when Randall comes in She doesn't want to talk about how to save the studio.

Randall opens music on his phone, in the present and the past, and he and Beth dance.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Kate: I spent nine years working at that crappy job after Dad died, but you always knew I would find my way again. How?
Rebecca: Because real joy is never gone forever.

That's my dad. I haven't seen the man in a year and a half, but he sees that I'm engaged on one magazine cover and he's calling every two minutes asking about the wedding.