On This Is Us Season 5 Episode 5, Randall gets a surprising email while Kate takes a road trip to confront someone from her past and Kevin is at a crossroads.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 5 revolves around past choices and decisions.

After telling Toby about her abortion, Kate insists Marc and that baby are in the past, best forgotten. Toby says that if that were true, it wouldn't have taken her so long to tell him. Kate then stays up all night cyberstalking Marc and finds out he lives and works in San Diego. She and Toby take a road trip together to confront him.

Kate recalls how her 18-year-old self went to the abortion clinic while Rebecca was away. She had to answer a bunch of questions and wait 24 hours. She then went to see Marc and ran away while he was getting beers.

In the present, Kate confronts Marc outside the music store where he works. He's just as irresponsible and mean as he was in the past, telling her their relationship was two kids who got too intense sometimes. His boss gets on him for taking too many breaks, too, and Kate tells him off for once and for all.

Meanwhile, Randall gets an email from Laurel's husband, Hi, who tells him that Laurel died in 2015. Randall is upset that William apparently lied to him and must decide whether to explore his mother's past. And Kevin also has a decision to make when Madison makes it clear she doesn't want them to travel around the world for Kevin's career after the babies are born.

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On This Is Us Season 5 Episode 5, Kate confronts her past. Randall makes an unexpected discovery, while Kevin debates the best path for his future.

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This Is Us Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Kate: He was so cruel.
Toby: I want you to tell me his name.
Kate: Do you?
Toby: Yeah. I want you to tell me his name and then I want to find him and I want to kill him.
Kate: That's very sweet, but this is all in the past. He's in the past.
Toby: Is it? Cause if it was really in the past, then why did it take you four years to tell me about it?

Toby: So you're telling me that this boyfriend of yours...
Kate: Got me pregnant. Yeah. And I was nowhere near ready to be a mom. And I couldn't be tied to that guy forever. So I had an abortion. And it was the toughest decision I'd ever made in my life. And I don't regret it. But I made it alone and I did it alone.