Gar Helps Conner - Titans
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Dick tells everyone the truth and realizes the team is over. 

Everyone but Gar leaves him behind. 

Dick seeks atonement from Adeline, but she says she hates him and he could find peace with Slade. Slade says that he will kill the entire team if he ever puts it back together. 

Dick attempts to flee the country, but instead, he decides to attack police officers. 

He is arrested. 

Things take a turn for Kory when she learns that Blackfire killed her mother and father and is wearing the crown. 

Kory swears she's going to return home to murder her. 

Hank and Dawn try to return to Wyoming, but they are stopped by the sister of Ellis, who says that she will kill them day by day. 

Gar takes Conner outside and teaches him how to be a hero. Things take a tun when Conner attacks the police and he nearly gets arrested. 

Gar runs off and leaves him behind. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Gar: You know, think of all this, San Francisco, like one big, totally immersive, multi-dimensional videogame and you're player one, okay? And your job is to make sure that everyone stays safe and no one gets hurt.
Conner: Is that what the Titans do?
Gar: Well, we don't. But the old Titans did. Dick, mostly just kept us locked up in a tower. Jason, Rachel, and I talked about how we wanted more real-life experience, and once the team is back together again, I think we'll get it. I know this sounds crazy, but once the team knows your awake, and can see what you do, they'll be back in a hurry.
Conner: So, Gar, what can you do?

Gar: I can turn into a tiger.
Conner: No way. What's a tiger?