One Day They'll Darken - Titans
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Trigon continues to enter the minds of the heroes, but Rachel and Gar refuse to take part. 

When they go on the run, Dick chases them. 

Outside the field of force, Kory, Donna, Jason, Hawk, and Dove try to get into the house. 

Kory manages to get them through but they all become trapped in their own worst nightmares. 

Kory kills Rachel, Donna relives the day her father died, and Hawk and Dove find themselves at an impasse over their relationship. 

Trigon gets his wish, and then follows it up by killing Rachel's mother and attempting to destroy the world. 

Rachel responds by killing her father. 

The team essentially disbands, with Dick taking the kids and the others going elsewhere. 

Dick turns to Bruce about restarting the Titans and takes on Titans Towers, meaning the team got to move to San Francisco. 

Slade Wilson watched the news and found out that the Titans were back together and returned to his home. 

He picked up his costume, seemingly to restart his duties as the biggest assassin in the superhero world. 

Who will be his first target? Bruce or Dick? 

Only time will tell. eeek. 

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Titans Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Rachel: Let him go.
Trigon: I'm afraid you're grounded -- no more magic.

Donna: Would you just stop blasting it? You're wasting all your power.
Kory: Rachel is in there. Anything could be happening to her.
Donna: Says the woman who was sent here to kill her. Now that she and Dick are in there with some intergalactic demon, maybe you could try something that might actually work.
Kory: Like what, Donna? Or were you hoping the sheer force of your criticism would save her?
Donna: At least I'm not draining my powers just because I can't sit still.
Kory: Says the Titan who quits.
Donna: You really wanna go there, right now?