Batman's Crimes - Titans
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Dick wakes up to find Dawn is his wife, he has a child, and he's living his best life in California. 

Jason Todd shows up to say that Batman is about to go over the edge and that he needs to return to Gotham City to save him. 

With Dawn pregnant, Dick was apprehensive about it, but he decided to go in case there was anything he could do to bring his friend back from the brink. 

Once at Gotham, he could not find Batman and bumped into Kory after a string of murders. 

All bets were off when the Joker was attacked and Dick showed up at the hospital to help him out. 

Batman showed up and killed the villain, prompting the police to step in. 

Batman later went on a murderous rampage at Arkham Asylum. 

After another big fight, the Wayne manor was exploded and Kory was killed by Bruce who hit her with freezing agent. 

When Dick returned to the present, he was ready to embrace his darkness. 

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Titans Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Gotham's gotten worse. Commissioner Gordon is dead. Batman is going to kill The Joker. You need to come back to Gotham and convince him not to do it.


Dick: Jason?
Jason: What's up?
Dick: What are you doing here?
Jason: It's Batman. He's in trouble.