Jason and Bruce - Titans
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Jason argues with Scarecrow that Dick knows everything and that they're in trouble.

Scarecrow gives him the serum and is back under his control.

Flashback to three months ago.

Jason wants to help Molly save the kids being taken off the streets to help Joker's cause.

He is attacked by one of the goons and his ego is bruised.

He starts to consider ways that he could preserve fear after his therapist reveals she knew Scarecrow.

Scarecrow gives him the serum recipe and when he makes it, he goes to kill the Joker.

The Joker kills him, but one of Scarecrow's goons takes him to the Lazarus Pit and revives him.

He comes back as Jason but Scarecrow has other plans for him, which are causing problems.

Ahead of his death, Bruce said he would be relieved of his duties as the Joker, which poses some big questions.

In the end, Jason is alive, but he's also under the spell of Scarecrow, meaning there will be some big problems going forward.

The rest of the Titans are disbanding and falling apart, but will it come to the end of the line for anyone else?

It's all down to what will happen next.

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Get your chemistry kit, an RV, and you've got a TV show.


I'm Fuck, and she's Off.