Anna Diop and Joshua Orpin - Titans
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Lady Vic kills two cops and heads into Gotham.

Dick has nightmares about a time in the past with Barbara and awakens to find out he's been shot.

It all comes rushing back to him.

He meets with Barbara and they reminisce. They had a relationship, but on a mission, she killed Lady Vic's boyfriend.

Lady Vic tries to kill Barbara, but Barbara gets the better advantage.

Dick takes Barbara to her apartment but he's too haunted by the past to take things on board.

He leaves her.

Blackfire's arrival at the manor causes problems because she thinks Conner is there to serve her and that Gar served her sister.

On a mission, Blackfire disappears and everyone scrambles to find her.

However, she went back to the manor.

She has a chat with Starfire about how everyone just looks at her like she's a villain and it makes everyone believe Starfire was good.

This was a major turning point for them.

Crane tells Jason that Lady Vic can do the killing efficiently, so if he steps out of line, he doesn't need him.

Jason takes the concoction and starts giving it to people.

One of them goes into Tim Drake's family diner and kills people.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Dick: Barbara?
Barbara: Security here is a joke. It's my way of keeping my dad on his toes. Wanna grab a drink?

Superboy: I thought your idea was good... about getting intel from the people on the street.
Blackfire: Why are you sitting next to me?
Superboy: I could use the company. I don't like lapse, bad memories.
Blackfire: Ditto.
Superboy: So, what's Tamaren like?
Blackfire: It's not like Earth. No open skies, flowing water. The very air burns your skin. I miss that burn.
Superboy: Why would you miss that?
Blackfire: We made life prosper from nothing but dust. Kori never appreciated Tamaren when she had it.