Red Hood Rises - Titans
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Hank is living a normal life, but in close proximity to Dawn, who is still suiting up and solving crimes.

Dawn is called back to Gotham, along with Starfire, Gar, and Superboy. Rachel ignores the call.

A new group of people are causing problems at banks thanks to a new person called the Red Hood.

This person goes after the crime families of Gotham and says he wants 40% of their profits.

Hank also shows up in town, determined to help in any way he can, but there's more drama on the horizon for them.

They all want to pay their respects to Jason, but they also know there's a fight brewing.

When a bank is almost robbed, the gang tries to fight their way through to save everyone, but it was hard to distinguish who was a hero and who was a villain.

In the end, Jason revealed himself to be inside the Red Hood, and it led to some shocking reveals.

Jason was alive, despite having his head caved in, and Dick et al wanted to get some answers.

Dick turned to Scarecrow to find out what could have happened as Barbara Gordon continues to change her view on the matter.

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Titans Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

That's how you see my father, isn't it? As a sacrifice? You dragged him into this insanity. Just like you did Dick and Jason.


Jason never evolved. He never grew past his own worst instincts. Don't let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing.