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We are introduced to the Pfefferman's, a Los Angeles family with some serious boundary issues. 

We are introduced to children, Sarah, Josh and Ali, and their father Mort. 

In the beginning of the episode the three grown children are going through their daily lives when they receive a call from their dad to come over for a family dinner. 

The family debates whether their dad has cancer, as he rarely calls to have a family dinner. 

The three kids come over for dinner and it turns out that Mort only wants to announce his retirement. The family then gets in a fight about selling their father's house. 

After the three children leave we discover that Mort had intended to come out as transgender, but lost the courage to do so. 

That night Josh goes over to a mysterious woman's house and then later tells his girlfriend he loves her. 

We then see Mort/Maura in an LGBT meeting talking about how he lost his courage to reveal his secret to his children.

Ali goes over to her mother and stepfather's house. She then goes to meet her physical trainer. 

At the end of the episode Tammy and Sarah go over to Mort's house to look at the house. The two end up rekindling their romance. 

This is interrupted when Mort/Maura walks in on the two. The episode then ends. 



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