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Will Eric's plan pay off? On this week's True Blood, he confronted Russell, told him all about his past, explained Talbot's murder and then avoided death by promising Russell the sun. He told him about Sookie and her fairy powers.

The caused the pair to kidnap Sookie and Bill -- after the former was sprung free from Fangtasia by Eric's bitter dancer -- and for Eric to find time to confide his plot in Bill. They both helped convince Russell of Sookie's powers, only Russell insisted Eric feed on her first to see if she really would help them overcome sunlight. Eric obliged. He and Russell both fed on Sookie as Bill pretended to play along beside them.

From there, Eric went outside as the guinea pig, and he seemed to be just fine at first. Seeing this on the monitor, Russell followed (as Bill begged Pam to untie him so Sookie could drink his blood and not die) - but it was a ruse. Eric's face was actually burning and the episode ended with him handcuffing himself to Russell and saying they will both side.


- Tara and Sam bonded, after the latter flipped out drunkenly on everyone in his restaurant. They went back to Sam's place and were having sex when the camera switched to Tommy. He's seemingly rigged explosives in his brother's trailer and/or going after his safe.

- Arlene thought she had the weird Wiccan waitress do away with her pregnancy, especially when she awoke to a lot of blood. But the doctor said the baby was alive and okay.

- Jason discovered the high school quarterback set to break all his records was taking V. He also agreed to help Crystal with her problems at home.

- Jessica told Hoyt about the trucker she killed and how she wanted to keep feeding on humans. Hoyt volunteered himself, as we also learned that his mother tried to set up her son and Summer because she isn't a fan of vampires.

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

We could end up in Hell, or fuckin South Dakota.


This is not just about your relationship, you infatuated tween. There's a bigger picture.