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It's later that same night. They're looking over the paperwork. Ani is all fucked up and makes a half assed pass at Ray. He says she's out of his league anyway. Paul gets text messages of him with his male friend. He needs to check in at home. Great timing.

Jordan wants to walk away from their life. Frank thinks working at Applebees isn't for them. She says she worked there once, and they get a shift meal.

Paul's girlfriend is getting calls about the photos. Paul's telling her he was undercover for a case and getting her out of town. 

Ani tells Athena what happened at the party and to get the hell out of dodge. Athena asks if she went the whole way in, inside the party. WTF?

Ray and Frank talk about Caspere. Nobody cares.

Ani talks about Ben Caspere and still, nobody cares. Vera circles back around to the panticapaeum institute. She's pissed off that Ani 'saved' her because she had a good thing going. She had a 'thing' and didn't want it to end. 

At the station, Paul discovers Ani is wanted for questioning in the murder of the security guard.

Frank's guy wants a promotion. Frank knows he killed Stan, his other guy. He wonders what Stan saw him doing that made him punch his ticket and look like it was done like Caspere. Frank smashes a glass on his face. 

Ray goes to meet up with Katherine. She's dead.

Frank's guy (I guess hs name is Blake) is the one who gave up the guy Ray killed. After Frank gets the info, he almost kills him, until the card mentions money.Then he gets as much information out of him as he can and wants to do a triple cross. Instead Frank kills him. 

Ani meets with her dad to say goodbye. She's going on the run. Elvis is there to lend a hand. Apologies are exchanged. 

Frank makes plans to get rid scalp the diamonds. He buys tickets under false identities for him and Jordan to leave the country. He buys cars and passports.

It all comes down to old diamonds and old murders. Who cares?

Paul's friend is related to this whole BS. Paul says Black Mountain. He says they rebranded. Their only client is Catalyst now. When they hooked up he was supposed to get eyes onto Paul or something.

He leads him to some dude. If only Paul had been true about himself, he couldn't have been made. Instead, some dude is asking questions about everybody, but I have no idea why.

Paul's mother and girlfriend are watching Splendor in the Grass.

Frank is killing people and setting something on fire.

Paul gets the upper hand and gets the dude at gunpoint. 

Ray and Ani waste about five minutes sitting at a table doing absolutely nothing.

Paul fights for his life and loses.

True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

In the midst of being gangbanged by forces unseen, I figured I'd drill a new orifice. Go on an fuck myself for a change.


Ani: Maybe, and this is just a thought, maybe you were put on earth for more than fucking.
Vera: Everything is fucking.