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The showdown between Ray and Frank wasn't nearly as exciting as I wanted it to be. Frank swears he was acting on good information. They kind of make up and go on talking business.

While Ani and Paul look at the murder shack for clues of some sort, Ray goes to the prison and threatens the guy who raped his wife.

Ray has a supervised visit with his kid.

Frank and his wife meet with someone's widow and his kid. I have absolutely no fucking idea what's going on.

After the visit with his kid, Ray does coke and listens to something like the Sex Pistols and almost has a cocaine heart attack. It's the most joyful 60 seconds of True Detective Season 2.

Ray has broken all of his toys and trashed his house. He calls his ex and wants to make a deal. He tells her she wins. He doesn't want to contest custody. He gives him to her. All he asks is that she doesn't go through with the paternity test. She says it's for her. If she promises never to tell Chad, he'll go away forever. For some reason, she calls him sweetheart. Then promises, swears to him, that's what she'll do. 

More stuff happens that doesn't tie in with anything else we've seen or care about.

Ani gets on a hooker bus.

Frank has a Mexican standoff with Mexicans.

Frank comes closer to finding Caspere's killer than the cops have all season. I suppose that means he's the true detective.

Ani was dosed with something, acid probably, and then taken into the back where she could pump and hump if the men folk get the better of her. Even as sexual as Ani is, she seems taken aback at the "excitement" laid out in front of her.

She keeps seeing the same long haired haired, bearded man taking her hand and doing things to her, perhaps a memory, from her childhood.

Paul is searching a house, stealing papers.

Ray is lurking around with a gun, at the same place where Paul is. He beats someone what looks like to death.

Ani vomits, and that apparently gets all of the drugs out of her blood. Um, no. She spots Vera Machiachatto, then gets to knife some men as she tries to escape. One tries to kill her, but she kills him first.

The guys pull up and shots are fired. They blaze away in a hail of gunfire and there's a great ride out into the street with squealing tires and such and the music fires up again. 

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