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Ray is in the seedy bar, talking to his dad, but he doesn't appear to recognize him, telling him his father made him nervous. His father tells him men were chasing him and he wasn't fast enough. He was shot to pieces, killed. Where is this, Ray asks. His dad doesn't know. Ray was there first. The whole time a lounge singer is singing The Rose on stage. Ray looks down at his chest, which is crusted over with blood.

In the present, Ray's right where we left him and a country crooner is singing The Rose on the radio. There is a pool of liquid beside Ray and some shotgun pellets. Ray is shaking and realizes he pissed himself. 

Ani is only concerned about the fact Ray went in without her permission and without his partner. Why is he still alive? Rubber buckshot, riot gear, like cops use. She notes it smells like piss and wants him to get cleared by a doctor.

Frank is trying to give a sample for the IVF. He's not taking it very well. Not only does he find it unnatural, but he decides that his phenomenal motility means the problem lies with his wife.

Ani broaches the topic of the actress with Paul, who immediately thinks she wants to know if he did it. She wants to know if his newfound exposure will be a liability in the field. Then he asks if she's smoking a fuckin' ecigarette.

Ray calls Frank to the bar. He thinks Frank walked him into to something. They're both feeling a little apoplectic. Frank cannot believe Ray isn't drinking. Ray wants to stay angry, and booze takes the edge off. Frank starts to tell Ray about Casper. Ray says it boggles the mind to think what might be on the camera that was stolen.

The mayor of Vinci lives in Bel Air. Ani and Paul visit. His wife is a drugged out Russian bride who is huffing something out of plastic bags. While Paul keeps the Mrs. busy, Ani wanders throughout the house. A girl falls from above into the pool below. Apparently it is the mayor's son's whore. With the son affecting different accents and the wife huffing and cutting out models from magazines, it's rather surreal.

Ray visits the doctor, who suggests you can have some unhealthy habits, but it's probably best not to have every one under the son.

Frank visits one of his old ... clients. The guy paid him for his services already, but now Frank wants to be paid 25% every month. It's a shakedown. He's going to be the go between between the teamsters and businesses or something.

It's time for the checkin. Ani tells her people she thinks Ray is a burnout, but there's no way he staged what happened to him. The lady wants her to think Ray will screw him to get him, and it will mean a promotion. Meanwhile, the Vinci mayor wants Ray to work over the "cunt." Although it's unclear what he thinks she's going to do. Ray thinks it's a good excuse to take him off the case, after all, he's never been Columbo. 

There's something to be said about what Ray told Ani. They were all chosen because someone thinks they can be pushed around. 

Ray goes to see his dad. 

Frank decides it's too big for him to walk away from. He also decides the Russian, when he walks away, probably killed Casper. 

Paul is with a friend, they're talking about going to meetings. Paul thinks going and remembering everything in every detail isn't the best way to get over something. They were soldiers together. His friend could have stayed there. He liked the people. That was the last time shit felt right for him, bro. During combat. He mentions three days. He thinks about Paul and doesn't want to forget. Paul, he seems to want to forget. TD was following him, taking photos. That was unexpected.

Ray and Ani visit a movie set in Vinci. Big tax credits made it a great place to film. Lots of questions were asked, but few answers.

A guy named Stan is killed, one of Frank's men. One of Frank's guys says they're coming for Frank. 

Paul canvases the street asking hookers questions. I like the music. When he questions a group of hookers, a young guy recognizes Casper and Paul is very uncomfortable. He cannot look him in the eye. 

Ani is at Ray's place. He has a lot of models hanging around the house. It's something he did with Chad, and then something he started doing without him. His ex knocks on the door. State police went to her house, asking questions about extra cash, violent tendencies, if he took retribution on the man who attacked her. She hands him cash to not contest the custody. She didn't think he would really take the money, but she also hoped she would be wrong.

At the club with the hooker guy, Paul bumps straight into Frank. Paul's pounding drinks. Paul's surprised that the guy does girls in a pinch. 

Frank is in the back with a lineup of guys questioning them. It's unclear what the hell he wants to know because he's trying too hard to say it with big words. He fights with the big guy with Fuck You teeth and then pulls them out with pliers.

While Ani and Ray are questioning someone, their car goes up in flames. Someone with a hood and a white mask can be seen across the street and they take off in pursuit. Ani is not in the mood to let them get away and runs straight into the highway where Ray has to pull her out of the front of a semi. Ray wants to know what the State has on him. She doesn't know.



True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Dad: Aw, son, they kill you. They shoot you to pieces.
Ray: Where is this?
Dad: I don't know. You were here first.

Ani: What the fuck, man? I'm commanding officer of this detail. You call me if you got something.
Ray: Well, I got shot. That's somethin'. I found our murder scene. That's something else.