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Frank is complaining that his avocado plants aren't producing. Frank and his wife discuss alternatives to having their own baby. He rejects that idea, and tells her that he can't even plan for a new child or anything else until his business is back on its feet.

Paul wakes up, only to discover in horror that he's been with another man. He is having a difficult time handling his homosexuality.

Frank strikes a deal with some mobsters when he calls in a favor for some drugs. He offers them an additional 5% above their going rate for coke, crystal and MDMA. He then goes to the owner of a property he once sold him, and shakes him down for 40% of his collections.

Paul confesses to Ray that he did everything he's been accused of while he was in the service. Ray calms him down.

Ani and Ray question the mayor's daughter Betty Chessani about Ben Casper. She tells them she knew him. She tells Ani that her father had her mother committed after she began manifesting symptoms of schizophrenia. She says her mother hung herself while in the hospital.  She tells Ani that the doctor who took care of her mother was named Pitler, and then implies that her father had something to do with her death.

Ani reveals that her mother died when she was 12 years old.

Ani and Athena discuss their mother.  Ani expresses concern that her sister is mixed up with the wrong people. Athena assures her that she's clean and will be away from them within two months.

Paul, still in denial about his sexuality, expresses remorse to Emily for being a bad boyfriend. She interrupts him to reveals that she's pregnant. She tells him she's keeping the baby. He tells her he agrees with her decision and tells her he thinks they should get married.  She seems unsure and, after he tells her he loves her, replies "I guess I love you too"

Ani and Ray talk with her father Elliott about the psychiatrist Irving Pitler.  He reveals that Pitler was part of Chessani's Lodge. Elliott says he recognizes Casper. He says he attended some seminars at the commune.

Elliott says Ray has one of the largest auras he's ever seen, all green and black. He suggests he must have lived hundreds of lives.

Ray and Ani visit one of the many sites Casper visited and discuss it with an EPA officer. He tells them the ground is contaminated with runoff from the mines, and that there's unsafe levels of lead, arsenic and mercury in the ground. He goes on to tell them that the mines have been closed for years, and that the state has no money to do any cleanup. Since the land can't be farmed, it has little to no value to anyone.

Frank and Kelly meet with a club owner about buying into his club.

Paul and Dixon visit a pawn shop to check out a watch that was owned by Casper. The shop owner tells them a girl pawned the watch, and that he has video surveillance footage of her.

Ani learns that Steve Mercer has laid an AI complaint against her for sexual misconduct, for conducting a relationship with a subordinate.  She is told she is on departmental leave until the complaint is investigated. She wonders out loud if her investigation of the mayor has something to do with the charge. She is told she can continue with the special investigation task for that she's running.

Ani's partner Elvis confronts her, dismayed that she slept with Mercer. He brings up old history of their sleeping together once, and accuses her of not giving their relationship a chance. She rejects his accusation.

Based on the pawnshop surveillance footage, the task force come up with a possible suspect in Casper's murder. The girl who pawned Casper's watch was working as a hooker for Ledo Amarilla. They decide to issue an APB for Ledo on the charge of murder.

Dixon theorizes that the girl hooked up with Casper, and saw how well he lived. After telling Ledo about it, Dixon thinks that Ledo tortured Casper for his valuables, and then killed him.

Ray tells Frank about the investigation so far. Frank tells Ray he's getting back into the dirty end of business again. He asks Ray to join him in his criminal endeavors, but Ray declines.

Ray meets with his son Chad and gives him his grandfather's police badge, and tells him to remember him whenever he sees it.

Frank tells his muscle men to find Amarilla.

The task force swarms the location where Amarilla is known to be, only to encounter someone shooting at them with a machine gun. A shootout occurs, and then the entire floor of the building explodes. 

The shooter takes up a position on a different floor, and resumes shooting. Dixon is shot in the head.

Ray rushed the building. Paul manages to wing the shooter, and then joins Ray at the building. Ani rushes through the building and sees an SUV filled with gunmen trying to get away. She gives foot chase and continues shooting at it. The van tries to get away but collides with a bus. The shooters exit the van and beings firing indiscriminately into the crowd. Several civilians are killed.

The task force manage to kill some of the shooters. One last shooter takes a bus passenger hostage. He shoots his hostage. Paul and Ray shoot and kill him.

Ani, Paul and Ray finally rest, looking around and shocked at all of the bloodshed.

True Detective
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True Detective Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If I don't come up with a new play, the dead trees, the present from the stork...aren't going to be what they call moot points


Jordan: Maybe we should talk alternatives
Frank: Like what? Another dog?
Jordan: Adoption
Frank: No. I don't do somebody else's timing. My own kid I see. Yeah. It's my responsibility. But, you don't take on somebody else's grief.