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Sammy is still with the Red Hand, and Molly is still at the hotel. Barry calls her. She is shocked. 

Leila is worried about Jamal, who is obsessing over the sheikh's warning. She tries to dissuade him from his suspicion of Rami.

Ahmed wants to take Nusrat away, but she brings up an annulment. He tells her that he'll fight for her, but she doesn't want that.

Rami and Solomon present a plan of action to Jamal in a strategy session. Jamal refuses to share "Khalil"s phone number with Rami.

Rashid is suspicious of Kasim, citing the prison break and Daliyah's escape in addition to the failed raids on the Ma'an Christians.

Jimmy meets Molly in a cafe. She shares that Sammy plans to stay in Ma'an, and tells Jimmy he should leave. After some protestation, he capitulates to her request. 

Solomon, Rami, and the Colonol are frustrated by Jamal's obstinacy regarding "Khalil."

Barry reassures his fighters that there is a plan to get rid of the Caliphate. Barry tries to reconnect with Sammy, who is reluctant. He lets Sammy know that he contacted Molly. Sammy thinks Barry should go back to her. Barry invites Sammy to pray with him. Sammy questions the new found faith of both his parents. Barry takes a call from Jamal, and requests to speak to Rami so that plans can be made. Jamal reveals that Rami is is son, and that he has doubts in Rami's loyalty. Jamal fills "Khalil" in on the plan to attack during the upcoming sandstorm. Jamal talks about coming up with a different plan, or giving Ma'an to the Caliphate. He cuts the call short when he notices Nusrat walking with Rami in the garden. 

Nusrat reveals to Rami that Leila wants to banish her after her hysterectomy. 

Munir is tortured by Rashid and questioned about the Red Hand while Kasim watches. 

Rami visits Leila, who reveals some of Jamal's instability -- he is drinking and suffering from insomnia. Rami asks for help getting Khalil's phone number.

Molly rails at Barry over the phone.

A'ru teaches Sammy how to shoot. 

After copying Kahili's number from Jamal's phone, he has a nightmare and she comforts him.

Barry receives a call from Rami, who wants to meet in person. 

Rashid and Kasim continue to question Munir, who denies all knowledge of the group. Rashid puts a gun to Kasim's head to convince Kasim to talk. 

Barry leaves the city to meet with Rami, while Sammy stays behind at the headquarters. 

Kasim, Abu Omar, and Rashid head to the headquarters after Munir's execution.

Rami and Jamal confirm details for an attack on the Caliphate.

The Caliphate approaches the headquarters silently. Ru'A and Sammy are talking inside when a bomb goes off, knocking them both to the ground. A'ru grabs Sammy and they flee. Kasim sees Daliyah fleeing but doesn't shoot her despite Rashid's insistence. Instead, he hoots himself. Ru'A and Sammy hide under a truck. She kisses him. She gets up to see if it's safe to leave, and is shot. 

The Colonel reports that Rami was meeting with an armed group of men.

Barry tries to reach Sammy. 

Jamal confronts Rami about the meeting. Rami asks if Jamal is drunk, which doesn't go over well. Solomon defends him. Jamal is unappreciative of Rami's efforts to retake Ma'an. Rami pledges his loyalty, and Jamal appears to accept his oath. He then tells the colonel that he wants Rami dead.

Barry arrives at the headquarters to find it destroyed. He panics about Sammy, but Molly calls to let him know that she has heard from him. He is with some other fighters and wants to stay with the Red Hand. 

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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I forgot to tell you, Barry, how badly you've destroyed me, how badly you've damaged our family, and that you're a horrible person. Since you've called, I've actually had moments where I found myself wishing you were dead. Truly dead. Gone.


It's okay to laugh. Life's already awful enough.