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Jamal is floating face down in the pool when Colonel Mahmoud walks in. After the colonel dives in fully clothed, Jamal rises up. Colonel Mahmoud briefs Jamal on the plan Rami's execution.

Rami talks to "Khalil" about the Ma'an offensive. Sammy and Daliyah discuss the after effects of battle and Barry.

Molly calls Amira. She needs an extension for their visas. She wants to meet Amira. 

Nusrat and Rami walk in the garden. She will be heading to London, and he offers to look her up there in a few months. They explicitly discuss their attraction. Ahmed sees them from a window. 

Jamal watches as a motorcade leaves the palace. A utility worker also watches, and climbs down to detonate the IED. Jamal returns to the palace, only to encounter Rami. Amira took his car into the city to meet Molly. Jamal tries to stop the attack, but can't ahold of Mahmoud. He calls Amira to urge her to turn around, but there is an explosion while he's still on the phone. 

Mahmoud confronts his nephew about blowing up Amira's car. He receives a call ordering him to the palace. He tells his nephew about a Swiss bank account and encourages him to leave the country.

Leila comes to Jamal and asks him to gather with the family, but he refuses. Mahmoud interrupts, and Leila lashes out. She's afraid of the Caliphate's reach. Mahmoud asks to choose his own death but Jamal tells him that he trusts him, and that he still wants rami dealt with. 

Ahmed tries to see Jamal, but Leila stops him. Nusrat decides to delay her flight to London, and tries to connect with Ahmed. Rami realizes that the bomb was meant for him. Solomon thinks that the bomb was the Caliphate's, but Rami is sure that it was planted by others. Mahmoud comes out and arrests Rami. Leila doesn't believe that Rami is responsible. Mahmoud claims he was trying to assassinate Jamal. 

Barry leads his fighters in a memorial service intended to rally them to the fight. Barry asks Sammy to go back to Molly and safety, but Sammy refuses. 

Molly calls down to the front desk looking for Amira.

Mahmoud delivers the doctored evidence to Jamal. 

Jamal meets with Solomon to determine his loyalties. Jamal tries to pay off Solomon to stay, but Solomon refuses the offer, telling him that nobody is trying to kill Jamal except the Caliphate. 

Ahmed finds Nusrat crying and accuses her of crying for Rami and not for Amira. He thinks that she wants an annulment so she can be with Rami. She tells Ahmed that the annulment was Leila's idea, and defends Rami to him. 

Ahmed visits Leila, and accuses her of forcing the annulment. He asks about Rami, but Leila doesn't know anything for sure. Leila is offended when Ahmed compares her to Jamal. She tells him that she stayed for him. He retorts that he is done with both his parents. 

Halima comforts her friends before battle, Sammy has a lesson on caring for a weapon, and Barry checks in on with an injured fighter. Barry puts Sammy to sleep in a tent, telling him how proud he is. Barry drugged him, and is leaving him with Daliyah. He leaves a flash drive with a video for Sammy. She kisses him. 

Leila visits Rami in his cell. She doubts Jamal's story and his ability to be an effective president. She asks Rami if he would support her and Ahmed in a coup against Jamal. He tells her that she would fail because Jamal has all the power, and she counters that Jamal could be taken out of the equation. 

Molly arrives at the palace.

Leila retreives a gun from her bedside table. Jamal is beating his head bloody against a pillar in the room with Amira's body. Leila points the gun at him as he kneels over Amira, but she can't pull the trigger. An assistant enters and informs her about Molly. 

In Leila's office, Molly finds out about Amira's death. Leila breaks down, and Molly questions her about what's happening in the palace.

As the sandstorm hits, Sammy struggles to follow Barry. Daliyah tells him that Barry made a rule about not having fathers and sons both fight, and that Barry regrets the mistakes he made with Sammy. Sammy asks if Daliyah loves Barry, but gets a call from Molly before she can answer. She tells him that the military won't be coming to back up the Red Hand. Daliyah and Sammy try to reach Barry, but the radio is drowned out by the storm. 

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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

But we're not special. We don't deserve more from the world just 'cause we're Al-Fayeed's. Hasn't that been your point all along?


Leila: People who are cornered do desperate things. At this point, it might even be self-defense. So I'm asking: If I were to do my part, would you do yours?