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Jamal addresses the nation about the defeat of the Caliphate.

Halima prepares signs with Barry's face in protest of Jamal. Sammy interrupts her work. She assumes that he'll continue to fight with them, but he plans to return to America with his family. Sammy tries to give her hope and comfort. 

Barry visits Rami at headquarters. Rami reveals that the Arab League wants Jamal to stand down, and that the ICC has evidence against him.

Leila and Mahmoud meet with representatives of the Arab League. She offers to testify against Jamal in return for Ahmed being guaranteed a position in the government. 

Sammy wants to know when they're going home. Barry tells him that they're going to stop in Tal Jiza on the way back to Axxxxxxx. Sammy questions his relationship with Daliyah, and Barry attempts to explain. 

While Ghani takes Sammy to see a sundial, Barry visits with Daliyah. She is moving into her brother-in-laws house, and the family wants her to remarry. She asks about Molly and Emma, before gifting him with some prayer beads and asking him to remember her. The boys interrupt the moment. 

Molly prepares for Barry's return, and receives a call from Lea Exley from the state department. Molly meets her, and Lea warns her of the possibility that Barry will be called to replace Jamal.

Molly and Barry have an emotional meeting in the hotel lobby.

Jamal tells Leila that the Arab League wants to meet with him, and she supports the notion that they want to commend him for handling the Caliphate.

Molly tucks Sammy into bed, and they talk about some of what he went through. 

Molly walks in on Barry praying, and she tells him about how she started going to church. They confront the difficulty of reconnecting. Molly fills him in on Exley's information. 

Ahmed and Nusrat finally talk. He asks her to stay with him.

Jamal reads the charges against him. He is shocked, and wants to know who is testifying against him. 

Jamal visits Barry. Jamal is affectionate, acting like nothing is wrong, but Barry is upset about Amira's death. Jamal claims that it was an accident, and that he was lost without Barry. Jamal begs for Barry to stay as an equal partner, and won't take no for an answer.

Sammy alerts Molly and Barry to a rally calling for Barry to assume the presidency. They head to the rally, where the crowd is shouting Barry's name. He sees Daliyah in the crowd before making an address praising the people and disavowing his own importance. They only shout his name louder when he is finished.

Barry visits Daliyah at her cousins home. She lied about where she was going. He wants to continue seeing her, but she refuses. She urges him to answer the call of the  people of Abuddin. He offers to send money for Ghani's schooling, but she tries to dissuade him. 

Jamal is upset about Barry's speech. Leila interrupts his rant with the news that the ICC is charging with five counts of crimes against humanity. She presents him with her testimony, and tries to get him to step down peacefully with the promise of a reduced or suspended sentence. 

Back at the hotel with Molly, Barry answers the door to find Mahmoud with a summons from Jamal. 

Jamal accuses Barry of abandoning him, but Barry says he'll stand by Jamal no matter what. Jamal reveals that he did not gas Ma'an and that it was Tariq before signing the confession. Barry meets Leila in the hallway, and he tells her that Jamal is stepping down, showing her the signed confession. She asks that he look out for Ahmed's interests in the new government, and Barry accuses her of scheming. 

Rami and Nusrat meet and he fills her in on what's been going on with Jamal, the Arab League, and the ICC. 

Barry drives back the hotel, and see posters of both his brother and him in the streets. He tells Molly and Sammy about Jamal's resignation. Barry starts to pitch the idea of staying, expecting them to object, but they support him in staying to see the transition government started.

Mahmoud meets with his nephew, the technical whiz, who tapped phone lines for his uncle. He has a conversation between Leila and the head of the Arab League -- Mahmoud will not receive immunity. 

The press has gathered before the resignation ceremony. Exley speaks to the Secretary of State about Barry and his family staying. At the end of the speech, Jamal fails to resign, and instead produces the order signed by Tariq. As he starts to go off on a rant, Nusrat shoots him several times. Barry tries to save him, but Leila tells him to let Jamal go. 

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You didn't have to pick up the phone.