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Ma'an has fallen to the Caliphate and Rashid has styled himself as the Emir of Abuddin. Jamal is not taking the news well. 

Ma'an is near destroyed, and the Army of the Caliphate is torturing prisoners for information. Abu Omar receives the news of Faisel's death. Rashid makes promises to workers. Ahmos approaches Rashid to try and get Daliyah back, offering money. Rashid rejects him, and Kasim runs him off. Barry approaches Ahmos in disguise. He's looking for the resistance. Ahmos offers to take him to his cousins. 

Jamal attempts to mitigate the impact of the Caliphate uprising to the Chinese amdassor. The ambassador is reluctant to provide the arms agreed to in the peace treaty, and he walks out of the meeting. Tariq stresses the importance of the Chinese treaty to Jamal, who blames Tariq for the entire situation. Jamal attacks Tariq with the golden oil derrick as 

Sammy calls Ahmed while he waits at the courthouse. Ahmed threatens to hang up, and Sammy asks for help looking for Abdul. Ahmed reluctantly agrees to help. Jimmy shares the news that the case will finally be heard. He tells Molly they should leave before the airports are closed, but she rejects the notion of leaving without Sammy's inheritance.

Jamal frantically tries to find a country that will supply Abuddin with the weapons needed as Leila watches. Amira shows up, concerned about Jamal. She says that Jamal has been self medicating. Amira wants to bring back Rami. 

Jimmy argues Sammy's case before a tribunal. One of the judges asks Sammy to renounce Barry. Sammy does it, to Molly's consternation. As they leave the courthouse, Sammy tells Molly that renouncing Barry wasn't a lie before he gets in a car with Ahmed. Ahmed reveals that he knew Abdul was gay, and takes Sammy to meet a contact who may know Abdul's whereabouts. 

Leila shows up Rami's hotel room. She offers to make Rami a general, and accuses him of running away from his history. 

Ahmed drops Sammy off, warning him to use an alias. Sammy enters a club, where men are praying under the disco ball. The club owner, Yassar, reveals that Abdul was one of the "Ma'an Nine," gay men who were rounded up in a nightclub and await execution. Sammy questions the possibility of bribing Abu Omar to release Abdul.

Barry and Ahmose arrive at the cousins house to find everyone dead. They corned by women with guns, who turn out to be Ahmos' neices. The resistance they were searching for has been captured or killed. 

As Daliyah scrubs blood out of a rug, Jane threatens her. Daliyah questions how Jane ended up with Abu Omar. 

Rami video chats with one of his contacts to get the weapons that Abuddin needs. Jamal thanks Leila for bringing Rami back. Ahmed is introduced to Rami, and told they are brothers. 

Ahmos' niece wants to fight back against  the Caliphate, but Ahmos is resistant. she pushes him, showing him a bomb. Barry doesn't think her idea will work. He comes up with an alternative solution.

Abu Omar returns, and rejects Jane for Daliyah, who reluctantly submits.Before he can rape her, there is an explosion. Munir is helping his father with Barry's plan to attack the Caliphate on multiple fronts and to use the catacombs to recruit prisoners and conscripted soldiers to the resistance. Halima is among those released. Munir is told to stay behind as a way to infiltrate the Caliphate.

Rami is introduced to Nusrat at a press conference where Jamal denounces the Army of the Caliphate. 

Abu Omar and Rashid know that Khalil is in Ma'an.

As Ahmos dies, he asks Barry to find Daliyah. Ahmos' nephew Siddiq wants everyone to leave Ma'an for safety, but Barry disagrees, and points out that word will be spreading of the breakout. He urges Siddiq to join with other tribes to defeat the Caliphate.

At the press conference, Jamal claims that Tariq died in Ma'an. He introduces Rami as his new general, but not as his son.  

The mercenaries head to Abuddin. 

As Saddiq prepares Ahmos' body, Halima seems to recognize Barry.

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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm curious. What twisted path brought a pathetic Western whore to think that she could come to my county and dictate to me her perverted misinterpretations of the Koran? Did your parents not love you enough? Is that why you lay with murders? Is that why you stood by while the people of this house were slaughtered? So you could sleep in their bed and call it your own?


You dare to play the human rights card with me, you puppet? Look to your own country for that.