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Barry is talking with Ghani and Ahmos when the Army of the Caliphate arrives to "liberate" the village.Khalid is intrigued by the soldiers. One of them speaks to his American wife, Jill, and tells her to film the proceedings. Abu Omar sees Daliyah brought to the stage. He tries to protect from seeing his mother executed. Rashid narrates the executions, but he does not seem completely sure of the Army's actions. Abu Omar has Daliyahreleased  as a show of mercy, but conscripts the men of the village. 

Tariq updates Jamal about the situation with the Army of the Caliphate. 

Ahmos asks Barry to look over his sons, but Barry plans to escape from the village. Ahmos is offended at Barry's refusal, but offers him a token that will gain him the help of the Beduoins.

Jill is holding a gun, contemplating suicide when Barry tries to steal a truck. After a struggle with a soldier, he gets in the truck, only to have Jill pull a gun on him. They escape together. 

In the council meeting, Tariq reveals that Rashid has joined up with the Caliphate. He outlines a plan to lay siege to the Army. Jamal is concerned about the reaction from the Chinese. 

Abu Omar beats Ahmos wile his family watches. Ahmos doesn't reveal Barry's plans, but Kasim does. The Caliphate plans to pursue Barry and Jill.

The duo heads to the Bedouins Ahmos told him about. She questions him about his past. 

Jill and Barry cross the border into Lebanon on foot. Jill shares some of her history, but then sprains her ankle in a fall. She is surprised that Barry helps her.

Rashid calls Samira and now seems to be on board with the Caliphate's methods.

Ahmos says goodbye to his sons. Abu Omar speaks to Ghani and his wife encourages him to rape Daliyah. The Abuddinian army shows up in helicopters to bomb the roads out of the village. The Caliphate manages to stop them. They leave their dead behind in the streets. Daliyah is taken by the Caliphate. 

Sammy, Molly, and Jimmy arrive in Abuddin only to see the news about the the situation in Ma'an and the Army of the Caliphate. Sammy calls to check on Abdul.

Tariq gives Jamal an evacuation plan for the Chinese in Ma'an. Jamal has lost faith in Tariq. Leila congratulates Jamal on the press conference. He tells her he should have listened to Barry and it would have never come to this.

Barry and Jill are found by her husband and a soldier in the dessert outside of Lebanon. Faisel attacks Barry, and Jill tells her husband that she wasn't taken, but left. He starts choking her, and Barry attacks the other soldier. After he shoots both men, he sends Jill across the border and heads back to Abuddin.


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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

We don't call that "comforting" in America. We call it rape.


Ahmos: You are just a runner, aren't you? You run away from your family, run away from the army, run away from the Caliphate. Now I ask you a favor, you run away from me.
Barry: Look, I know it seems that way...
Ahmos: It is that way.